Twitch DMCA Strikes Once More Causing Videos To Get Eliminated

DMCA- Digital Millenium Copyright Act letdowns are in trouble content creators have to make an agreement with on a routine. A recent ping of takedowns has pretentious numerous big pennant on Twitch. 

There does not show to be any connection between the songs pointed in the takedown ping. But the real similarity is that many of the videos were from last year. 

Jakenbakelive, Fuslie, and numerous more streamers have been targeting such problems for many days. On the other side, nothing has happened over the videos being eliminated. Anyone who has gotten an email about the takedowns was scared of an overall suspension. Although it shows that this only covers live content now. However, not a video DMCA.


Some of the songs targeted in such videos involve 7 rings by Ariana Grande. In Da Club by 50 Cent and Staying Alive by Bee Gees. other videos have even been taken down. Such songs are the real wrongdoer that has affected some of the bigger titles on the takedown myriad. 

To overcome such takedowns, many streamers have thrived to eliminate videos that may have copyrighted sounds. Or maybe eliminated together their archive. 

For a mini streamer, this would not be as big of a problem. They could easily curate their videos. Delete some of them which may end up causing a DMCA hunt. For the operator like Jakenbakelive, who has more than 100,000 video clips on his channel. However, its level of curation is not impossible.

Twitch’s post system does not load the video clips from over 12 months before. So that makes any possible manual harder work. If it is not totally manageable especially since some hits are claiming clips.