Turns Your IPhone Into an Amazing Gaming Controller With Backbone One

Complete with software features that create it simple to join parties’ records. Share the footage.

As the standard of debate about the content is high, You can share it on your iPhone rage. Between Epic games, Google, and Apple. And also Microsoft. A firm known as the backbone is center instead of making sure you get the maximum out of the game that is recently available. 

Like Razer did with its Kishi controller for iOS. And many companies have with the image on the controller of their own. Backbone is proposing one for $100 that it calls the Backbone one.


With the controller totally expanded, it can fit any iPhone covering iOS 13 or later. Starting with the iPhone 6S. It includes the new iPhone 12 lineup. It is amazing for Apple Arcade games that provide controllers.

 Sky: Children of the Light and Call of Duty: Mobile play amazingly with the One. moreover, for famous games like COD: Mobile that does not have a controller hold up button on the start. Backbone curates optical tutorials that show before it launches to walk you via the steps to turn it on in the setting. 

Furthermore, I am anxious to finally climb into Genshin’s Impact with the one once that game acquires gamepad support. Even playing games like Hades through the Steam lin application. 

Other than most controller things made hence the backbone one is a hybrid of closely and firmly unified hardware. If we are looking at the hardware it is possibly the best of its kind yet. Both sides if this controller has circled edges that fit in the hand. I appreciated the design of the Razer Kishi but this has a more understanding look that does not cover up as much of your phone’s edges. –