75+ Cool Truck Names For Your New Pick-Up

I wonder what if we consider trucks as soldiers walking roads, loading big weapons to save the earth. After all, the thundering sound and huge size can certainly give an inferior complex to other vehicles.

That sounds like fun, right? So, to continue the same though, would like to name your soldier? We have prepared a list of truck names keeping in mind their design, color, and model.  let\’s find out the best one for you!

Cool Truck Names

What’s the benefit of naming? Basically naming reinforces the bond formed between the owner and the truck itself. As per the research, it was found that most truck owners are highly passionate about their trucks and associate their pickup with positive memories. And entitling your truck with a shiny name is just one way to deepen that connection. 

So, if you are searching for an attractive name for your jumbo truck, then don’t waste your time and check the below list quickly.

It’s full of awesome and rocking truck names. 

  • Betty
  • Chief
  • El Grande
  • The Roadrunner
  • Lady
  • black beauty
  • Bandito
  • Rambo
  • Charlie
  • Baby

Striking Strong Truck Names


The vast tiers of the truck come with many perks such as handling terrain and resisting flooded roads. A muscular truck is always ready to put a strong impression. And their strength and personality uplift if you give them a striking strong name.

Thus,  why worry when he had already prepared a legit list for your truck considering the color, personality, function, and working of the truck? 

The list includes dazzling truck names that perfectly describe your pickup truck.

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Steely DanThe Rock
HerculesBig Boy

 Movie-Inspired Names For Your Truck

If you own a truck, then you have a passport to travel on any rough surface without any hindrance. If you are a filmy person and a truck lover too, then this section of the article is for you. We have loads of movie-inspired names for your truck.

And as we said that everything that’s close to your heart deserves a special name. So here are some names that are inspired by your favorite film. 

Now, just scroll down the list and honor your truck with a superb filmy name. 

  • Silver
  • Monster
  • American Machine
  • Grinder
  • Zombie
  • Waxen
  • Voodoo
  • The Don
  • Godfather
  • Big John

Black Truck Names


Black is a savage color and when you own a black truck then the vibes are super amazing. Black isn’t a color of darkness only, it also shows that you are adaptable and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Black truck signifies sophistication, confidence, and strength. Overall black is the top color for luxury cars and trucks, it provides a sassy vibe to both the owner and viewer. 

And now, choose a powerful name for your gigantic truck from the below black truck names list and enhance its look. 

Shadow RiderThe Equalizer
Ghost riderReaper
GhostHeavy Pedal
ZeusPaul Bunyon
GodzillaArctic Wheels

Good Truck Name Suggestions For Blue Trucks

Blue isn’t a simple color and if you want to name your blue truck first you have to find which blue color it is.

Is it cobalt, navy, dark, sky, aqua, or indigo blue? We have covered all types of blue color trucks for you. 

So, just check out the list and award your truck with a name that suits its azure shade. 

  • TMT
  • Tough Chap
  • Country King
  • Metal Tank
  • Big bad machine
  • Cranky Joe
  • Wildcard
  • Shawshank.
  • Red.
  • Bessie.

Good Red Truck Names


Red is a color of love and it’s not difficult to find a good red truck name. But if you are still confused and want to give a trading name to your lovely truck then do check our freshly prepared list as it contains a lot of elegant red truck names.

BulletCool Hand Luke
Easy RiderClint
The GodfatherThe Bandit
Road WarriorValkyrie

Electrifying Pickup Truck Names

Some names are electrifying, when you call out your truck in the crowd with these electrifying names it may turn many heads. Electrifying means something which has light.

So give your truck an electrifying name that produces a spark and shines like a star. Give your truck a glorious name from the catalog of electrifying pickup truck names and let the truck outshone its attitude. 

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  • Reaper
  • Venom
  • Thunder
  • Goliath
  • Bone crusher
  • Claw machine
  • Slayer
  • Healer
  • Player
  • Destroyer

Cute Truck Names


Yes, trucks have monstrous looks, but some are very cute and beautiful. When anyone looks at them, they immediately praise their cuteness and state what a cute truck?

And there is one way to describe the cuteness of your truck, and that is naming. Giving a cute name to your rugged vehicle can be a lethal combination. 

Thus grab a sweet name from the below list that fits your truck well. 

Yosemite SamCrimson Tide
TNTRed Rager
Lightning McQueenDevil
Red BullFirestarter
Clifford (The Big Red Dog)Yosemite

Good Names For Big Trucks

Giant trucks make the owner feel like the king of any giant dynasty. And your big truck needs a name that truly expresses its bulkiness.

Hence,  if you want to name your truck then you must use words that mean large. Or else you can easily pick any perfectly suited word for the below list. 

Having said that, This list gives you some great overpowering names for your jumbo truck. 

  • Roundup
  • Engine Execution
  • Zombie Slayer
  • Indigo
  • Electro
  • Stone cold
  • Cloud 9
  • Rocky
  • Beast
  • El Diablo

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