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Have you ever heard of trolls and their magical powers? If not, then let me tell you something about them. Trolls are basically the Scandinavian folklore who are giant monstrous beings who many a time possess magical powers and Troll Names.

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Trolls look at men as their enemies. They live in a castle in the dark and they haunted the surrounding districts after the sunsets. They are afraid of lights and when exposed to one, it turns them into stones.

Names For Trolls

Names For Trolls

Trolls usually have creative names. Sometimes they have names best on their physical looks and personality. Continuous lifestyle blog name Ideas

If you are looking for some of the good troll names for your character, we have got a list for you. There we have enlisted some of the best troll names.

BranchMikeMcKinneyFor Improve
SukiBenHeywoodFor Burn
ChenilleFletNormousFor Lessons
JuwurriPavreHamiFor Capture
DititZujuteYajdnaFor Immense
ZenguZujiaZartnaFor Venture

What Does The Name Troll Mean?

Most of us have stories about trolls and their notorious activities. They are monstrous beings who are very popular antagonists in many fairy tales and stories.

In the early tales, they are mostly seen as maleficent and cruel ranging from a gigantic size to a smaller size but mostly depicted as deformed creatures with magical spellbound.

They are known to have lived in mountains and caves of stones which they made on their own.Useful halloween tagline slogan

They are called trickers and man-eaters. They are also known to have enmity with the Christians and it\’s believed that once.

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The Christians robbed them of their power when they were ruling all over and forced them to go or flee into the wilderness of the woods. So they are also very sensitive to the sound of the Christian bells in the traditional churches.

Female Troll Names

Female Troll Names

Female trolls are called doxie. They don\’t have a long upper task like the male trolls but they have longer lower canine teeth. But they are never seen resting in a hunching place like the male trolls.

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If you are searching for good female troll names that match their characteristics then we have something that can help you. The chart below has a list of girl troll names that you may like.

AigamuxaOrcs- evilSpringhllediva
Blemmyes- grasslandManticorr- poisonousJotnar- giganticWellbeing
Dingonek- largeSkunkape- deformedGemagog- distortedLivid
Girtabilu- lowerhuge and powerfulmountainHelp
Hodang- mediumSatyr- large creatureYmer- very oldRemarkable
KabandaTalos- bronze bodyHrungmer- braveHungry
Ogre- old and uglyTwerhers- hero of theGrwrell- magicNip
RontayayVinjinZonjeryaFor Earth
Satin and SeyaHrungnirGrimzertFor Endless
Cemin and ChenilleSantwaqerBasmehtFor Trans
Smith and FuzberthTunher and DuheronAnubis and AqeronFor Marshal
SupplyEnhanceForcogFor Tender
For BunnyBerryFor DimeNamegy
WinkSpikeForwindFor Bank Shot
For UrbaneGatorDashboardadil

Best Twitch Troll Names

Best Twitch Troll Names

This hulking creature should have a name that matches its trait and character. The troll names have a range of variety and it often becomes very difficult for people to choose the correct name.

If you are in search of unique and creative Twitch troll names, take a glance at the table below. The names enlisted there are some of the best names that we have gathered for you. You can choose the one you like the best. Unique name a wizard Aimals

For UnlimitedLiveNamqueDunk
PosterLusciousNamoramaFor Den
BackfieldFor OperationFor Stakeella
FireflyLabFor FissionMinimal
BaseBenchReviewFor Domain
For JavelinFor BrakeFor OrderNamlia
GreenZephyrFor CueRefined
BismuthHavenoramaFor Spur
DevelopFor AttractDebtFor Cycle
DripEtherFor RiseFor Obscura
AdjustFor TagAddictporium
HavenFor AzraaExecuteFor Kingdom
For PrimaFor VenustFor StriveFor Movement
EvermoreBlossomCommuneFor Kart
For ZenDesireCuteForaro
For MilkPalaceSnowhut
For JetStickerFor FoxStory
For RankRushRadiantFor Rumble
For MuseTuneCountryDivision

Trolls Physical Description And Appearance

The physical traits and appearance vary greatly among the trolls. It ranges from an old and witty look to appearances and behaves more like human beings.

They are almost 14feet tall but as they hunch forward, their size appears 8 feet. Their skin had a greenish matte color ink black glowing eyes.

They also have large tusks protruding from lower jaws. But mostly they are described as ugly evil-looking creatures with their varying sizes. Their hair is always untidy, unkempt, and shaggy but sometimes they don\’t have any hair on their heads.

Pathfinder Troll Names

Pathfinder Troll Names

We have often read about the pathfinder trolls in folk tales. There it was portrayed as the wild and evil and solitary brutes who would eat the livestock and flocks and rampage through the houses of the villages.

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These pathfinder trolls are known to be cruel with huge power.

If you are looking for pathfinder troll names that match their characteristics and wildness, then the following chart can help you find the best one.

For BoxGraceAssociateFor Grow
For LiftedFor LiquidFor StrongFor Programmatic
OperationBurnFor RetroFad
For TransFor PushSeedAcute
TribeCoreFor StorySerum
For LimeOroFor VividBlended
FuryFor PanelFlowLighthouse
EaseVoltaRetreatFor Focus
MagicFor Zone DPauseFor Czar
For UnionHaloRapidHiatus
SeptFor SuppliesFor ShowerDesigns
For PhoenixSoothingBikramFor Accentuate
For SimpleBerserkerCreativoFor Panel
KarunaFor EgyHoshRugrat
MetricsFor EuphoriaHarmonyFor Topics
For HeritageFor BitZenCollect
For ChoiceFor JourneymanPastureFor Ready
PosseSplashFor AvaGear
BashFor EmeraldFor LunarRestore
For CarveNiftyDreamFor Squad
For ResponseShoreEasyLive
DoveFor OrganicFor TimeAffair
For DestinyCuppaTreasureFor Synergy
FlightLayerFor DoupOptimal

What\’s The Pink Troll Called?

The pink troll\’s name is Poppy. She is a hero in the tale who was the daughter of the troll king named king Peppy. This upbeat pink hairball, Poppy saves the day from the cruel Bergens.

Agario Troll Names And Their Meaning

Agario Troll Names And Their Meaning

Are you searching for unique again troll names for your character, then we have a full list of some of the best troll names and their meanings.

For FreshFor AxeTemplePrestige
For TenderFor CentsFor LilyNexus
BridgeFor StatActionCatalyst
HostFor MerchFor IsolateImpulse
ElegantFor SmarBlockFor Bliss
ExplosionSproutFor BlurFor Paw
KisanTenderPearlyFor Charm
For YoungerGalacticFor SignalSlice
MaximusThriveFor FlickerFor Saints
For HypeFor OptimalPlasmaFor Go
SmartJobsFor PreciseFloral
LayaDiceFor HerbedFable
WorthFor ProSugarGhost
For DreamworldHarpMantraFor Dune
BingeCabinScrapFor Designs
DisplayWonderPedalFor Punish
RabblePrimeTriadFor Count
TapFor ProbeComradeFor Crave
HarvestTrendyFor CheckHaven
For CitiesForceFor XanaduPour
VitalityCravePrintsFor Holic

Where Do The Trolls Live?

The trolls are believed to live in the caves of the mountains, forests,s and mostly dark and dank places of woods. They are very much connected to nature so they are mostly found in the wilderness of the jungle.

Being reclusive beings the trolls do not feel a close kinship with each other and they generally live alone or with a small group of two to four creatures which are mostly small family pockets.

Some also say that the trolls living in the mountains steal human maids and transform them.

These forest and mountain trolls are very fond of human flesh and this is the reason in the myths and legends they are considered as enemies. But they are also found hiding under bridges to escape the sunlight.

Male Troll Names

Male Troll Names

We have a list of male troll names that you might like to choose to name your character. These names are some of the best male troll names. They are very creative yet simple as simplicity is always deserved.

StrongFor AristotleFor ZagSkylink
PaperBlissFor HasteInvestor
For StockTonicMoreSource
LieuComplexHypeFor Bros
HeroProFor DriftCyber
TopIndulgeFor CrossDeco
ReaperHappyFor NaturalFor Gaming
KnightTapBoostFor Moose
For TantraFor FinePhoenixLifesaver
For UnleashFitBlingBastion
For NovelFor ConnectFor WildFor Redux
For MagnoliaFor CompanionIrrigationElixir
VistaFor PassionVillageRefined
For EclipseFor SagaDeluxeSwag
StreamExoticFor HustlerClimate
ActionFor DistrictFor ChairJaguar
BleachersFor PhotogenicCraftsFor Up
For CygenFor AffectVioFor Selector
For AnswerTouchFor WillowCollect
For RelishFor CerberusFor BridgePunch
AphroditeFlowShopFor Life

Troll Culture

 The trolls are considered dangerously cruel flesh eaters and wicked monsters, they have a strange culture and society with lots of complications.

They are very caring towards their young ones while they mercilessly kill the one to become a threat to the existence of the tribe or exiled. 

But they also have gatherings where they all unify under the king troll. But those are very rare occasions. The females here are more social and intelligent and even larger than the male trolls.

Troll Twins Names

Troll Twins Names

Here we have a list of names that can you can use to name your twin\’s characters.

WaxEmpowerJobsFor Cabin
ChecksWizardFor FocusAtlas
LaunchFor GlitteryFor InvaderLavish
For AtlantisFor RuleThriveBuild
ArcaneAmbitionAnswerFor Creator
AfterburnerForageFor NakedChest
InfamousArtRatesFor Segment
For LimaAlphaPurityFor Connection
For AlchemyBambinoHeartSunshine
BridgeFor IvyLogicGentle
PeanutFor PedigreeFor VistaLuscious
MachinesFor CalibrePlushForage
For TwinkleFor LaunchTimeFor Bridgeway
For BoxSelf-PortraitEagleBlink
For PursueFor SupplyClubCharm
For VillageFor CloneSmoothOptimum
CommandoGhostMiraculousFor Sprout
BashYearnCultureFor Operator
For DaubFor NeticWebsMarker

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