Top 5 Most Famous Diesel Smartwatch Designs To Check Out In 2021

Lately, many people are switching to a healthier lifestyle and acquiring some gadgets to help them. One of them is smartwatches, which helps in tracking your heart rate and other fitness activities. One brand that is leading in the smartwatch game is Diesel. Founded in 1978, the Diesel brand is known for its clothing line. After partnering with Fossil, the brand has expanded into manufacturing luxury timepieces and smartwatches that several people adore. Diesel has created different distinct styles and trendy designs without hurting your wallet. This year, why not give yourself a Diesel watch? Here are the top 5 smartwatch designs that you should consider checking out!

  1. Diesel Men’s Master Chief Quartz Model DZ1206

Cost: $140

This Diesel watch is the easiest way to make a style statement. The model comes in a brown leather strap, with a black textured concave dial. It is the best wristwatch for casual wear or any sporting event. This particular piece is also waterproof by up to 100 meters. It has a case size of 45 mm, features a date indicator and a quartz movement type.

  1. Diesel On Full Guard Touchscreen Smartwatch

 Cost: $325

This specific piece is Diesel\’s most famous smartwatch. It may look bulky, but this model is light. It boasts a gunmetal case, a brushed black top ring, and a stainless steel bracelet. The timepiece is customizable according to the user\’s preferences, as you can change how the dial looks. It has all the useful features that you can think of: weather, date, fitness, do not disturb mode, Google Fit, receive calls and texts, and more! This model is powered by Google\’s Wear OS, and you can easily connect it to your Android or iPhone. There is nothing else you can ask for when you have this interactive smartwatch!

  1. Diesel Men’s Mega Chief Quartz

Price: $260

Simplicity meets style with the Mega Chief Quartz. This model\’s casing has a size of 59 mm and a stainless steel type of bracelet. Like the previous model, this wristwatch has a gunmetal color and a quartz type movement. It also has a Chronograph 3-hand display. This is another timepiece that is perfect for casual wear. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about getting near water since this timepiece is waterproof by up to 330 feet!

  1. Diesel Men\’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

Cost: $425

you will see in this particular design Diesel\’s creativity and how they retract themselves from the norm. It features a sleek gold-tone plating, which makes this wristwatch look even bolder. It has a 57 mm casing, a deployment clasp, and multifunction movement. Released in 2017, this Analog wristwatch is worthy of making it to the list of pieces you should own. It also has the GMT, second time zone, hour, minute, and second features.

  1. Diesel Men\’s Mega Chief Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

Cost: $240

Diesel\’s Mega Chief collection is known for its bold pieces. This specific model is no different. With burnished brown leather and gunmetal plating, you can take this wristwatch with you for bathing, swimming, shallow diving, and snorkeling. It boasts a three-hand analog display. three sub-dials, and a date display window. It also features a chronograph, date, hour, minute, and seconds. Its casing has a diameter of 5.4 centimeters, with leather as its material for the band.

Which watch is better, Diesel or Invicta?

Another brand that is commonly compared to Diesel is Invicta. Admittedly, both brands go beyond the norm of design and style, where both are constantly coming up with unique pieces and collections. Many are wondering which one is better. The answer? It depends on what you are after as a user. Diesel\’s designs are more on the playful yet sleek side. The timepieces are affordable, but the design remains superior. The brand has also launched the Responsible Living campaign to seek out low-impact materials and innovative techniques when it comes to creating their pieces.

On the other hand, Invicta is the best pick when looking for a more adventurous type of wristwatch. Though they create a variety of styles and colors, users must be wary when pairing it with their outfits. With over a decade in the watchmaking game, Invicta has perfected the art of creating meticulous cases for their timepieces.

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