Top 5 Cities to Live in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. In the past few years, the country has seen a huge economic turnaround. It has become one of the best European FDI destinations. Thus, while moving to Cyprus, most people have a question in the mind. Where should they live? What are the best cities to live in Cyprus? 

In this article, we will share expert advice regarding the best cities in Cyprus. Moreover, apart from discussing cities, we will also talk about the property for sale in Paphos. Thus, investing in the right property can give you huge returns. Also, Cyprus is a hot destination and investors are buying properties from all over the world. Let’s talk about the most liveable cities in the Republic of Cyprus.


Nicosia is a financial and business hub of the country. Most of the business owners prefer to live in Nicosia due to its easy access. Apart from business, the city offers a great deal of entertainment.

From vibrant nightlife to leisure activities, you will find everything in the city. Greek is the local language of the city. However, more than 90 percent of people can speak English. The younger generation especially.

Did you know Cyprus is the 3rd biggest Mediterranean island? Still, it is not a huge country.

Nicosia gives you easy access to most parts of the country. If you choose to live in the city, you can access almost everything within an hour by car. Furthermore, you can reach most of the mountains, historic sites, beaches, and hiking trails in less than an hour.

Similar to other cities, Nicosia offers a range of properties. You have the option to live in a modern apartment or a classic villa. Moreover, you can choose to live in the middle of the city next to major embassies. However, you will have to pay a lot for these properties. Gladly, the city offers quiet places as well far from the crowd and noise.

Athalassa National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Nicosia. Also, the 840 hectares of greenery are a major attraction of the city. It offers hiking trails, cycling paths, dog walking, and picnic points.

However, summers are extremely hot in Nicosia as compared to seaside locations. A drawback of the city is that it doesn’t have a reliable public transportation system.

To summarize, the city offers rich history, perfect nightlife, miscellaneous food options, beautiful scenery, and everything you need in day-to-day living. Thus, unless you want to live by the seaside, it is a perfect city.


In the southwest of Cyprus, Paphos is a beautiful coastal city. The city is believed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. From advanced hospitals to modern shopping malls, the city has excellent infrastructure.

Paphos gives you easy access to the country. Also, a quality highway links the city to other cities. The international airport is about fifteen minutes away from the town center.

British expats love the Paphos district due to its beautiful villages. From green countryside to peaceful beaches, there is something for everyone. More importantly, you can enjoy yourself at the famous Coral Bay.

On the positive side, you have excellent beaches with mountains, forests, and hills. So, if you like to live close to nature, you will love Akamas.

Ktima is the major residential district of the city. Kato Paphos is the home of entertainment and luxury hotels.

When it comes to the property for sale in Paphos, you have many options. So, depending on your preffered lifestyle, you can choose the right option for you.



Larnaca is small, easy to get to, and allows you to travel to other parts of the island with ease. Also, the city has the busiest airport in the country. So, most of the tourists begin their adventure from Larnaca.

Phinikoudes and Makenzie are the two most popular towns in the city. Makenzie is popular for fish restaurants, cafes, and bars. However, it is overcrowded and noisy.

Larnaca is home to various communities including Germans, British, Greek, and Russians. Thankfully, most of the people speak English. You may need to learn Greek if you want to make friends in outlying villages.


Limassol is a highly developed city and loved by most expats. The modern cosmopolitan feel attracts people from all over the world.

Located on the southern coast of Cyprus, the city offers a range of beautiful sites. The center of the town is Neapolis. Moreover, it is close to the beach, has major shopping malls, all and the necessities.

The city has the highest peak on the island. With limitless opportunities for sports and entertainment, you will never get bored living in the city.

Limassol Villages


Are you not a fan of living in a crowded city yet want to live close to basic necessities? The beautiful villages of Limassol are promising. They are not far from the center while offering you a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

While looking for the property for sale in Paphos, people often end up buying their home in a Limassol village. Erimi is an attractive village with a stunning Curium beach. It has enough bars, shops, and banks to fulfill your daily needs.

Parting Words

Cyprus is attracting people more than ever. The above-mentioned cities are hot destinations in the Republic of Cyprus. If you want to move to the country, it is the best time to buy a property. It will give you a range of perks including the residency (terms and conditions applied).

Nicosia is the capital and attracts most foreigners. However, summers are extremely hot and you don’t get to live at the seaside. The alternative is Paphos.

Paphos is a beautiful city if you want to live by the seaside. Would you like to get the property for sale in Paphos? Pafilia is the most reputed developer in Cyprus. Visit the website or give a call to visit the property for sale in Paphos.

Apart from Paphos, other cities are phenomenal as well. Choose a city that meets your requirements and doesn’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections.