Top 5 Amazing Festivals to Enjoy in Dubai

Besides the beautiful tourist attractions, a number of intriguing and fascinating festivals attract millions of tourists to Dubai every year. Some festivals are celebrated to exhibit things while others are celebrated on traditional occasions. If you want to enjoy these festivals by participating in different activities and competitions during your Dubai trip, we suggest you hire a car from professional Dubai Rent A Car Company. 

Here are the topmost festivals that you should join during your family tour to Dubai.

Dubai Marathon

Top 5 Amazing Festivals to Enjoy in Dubai

Dubai Marathon is an annual sports festival that is celebrated in Dubai every year. Not only people of the Middle East but also throughout the globe participate in this event. It was organized for the first time in the year 2000. The Dubai Marathon is also known as the richest marathon in the world because record-maker athletes are awarded the first prize of $250,000. 

You can take part in the longest marathon race of 42.2km and other small races. . No matter whether you are a localist or a traveler, you just have to pay a fee of 135 USD to get yourself registered for the events. This event is celebrated in the first month of every year, so book your auto in advance to travel to your destination during marathon days. 

National Day Festival


National Day Festival is the biggest festival that is celebrated in the remembrance of the union of all the seven states of the UAE. Just like in other states, the celebrations of this day in Dubai are also at its horizon on the 2nd of December. You can participate in different types of activities like fireworks, parades, aerobatics shows, beach celebrations, and dance shows. 

You can also join car rallies on this auspicious festival. If you are interested in becoming a part of an auto rally demonstrating strength and unity, just reach out to any Cheap Car Rental company and book your favorite automobile.  

Art Dubai Festival


Art Dubai Festival is basically an exhibition for the promotion of enthusiasm and work of arts in the modern world of science. This festival was celebrated for the first time in 2007 under the reign of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This festival is popular around the globe due to its diverse art fairs. 

Thousands of tourists and art lovers plan their Dubai trip in March to attend this event. You can enjoy a visit to beautiful museums, patrons, collectors, curators, and others. You should also visit all three sections of the art gallery. To appreciate emerging artists, The Global Art Forum named conference is organized every year. 

Dubai Shopping Festival

Top 5 Amazing Festivals to Enjoy in Dubai

Though Dubai is well-known due to its matchless and remarkable products, people tend to travel to Dubai for shopping. The products’ popularity has increased the prices of all items including clothes, jewelry, and household accessories. To avoid bargaining communication throughout the year, they organize a one month Dubai shopping festival in the very first month of the year.

This festival offers discount deals and concession rates on all kinds of items. Moreover, this festival is not only restricted to one mall, but you can also enjoy the bumper concession offers at this festival. So, you just need to rent a luxury wheel from the Car Rental Dubai company to explore every shopping mall. 

Dubai Food Festival


Irrespective of the unofficially of the food festival as it is not officially announced by the Government of UAE, it is the highly awaited event in Dubai. This festival is famous in the name of “Tastes of Dubai” in which you can enjoy the delicious dishes of all the chefs from a beginner to the expert master chef.

Besides tasting delicious foods, you can also participate in this festival to test your cooking skills. If you are on a Dubai trip, you must visit this festival to taste the signature dishes of the best Dubai restaurants at cheaper rates. 

So, whenever you plan to go to Dubai, just hire an economical car from the Cheap Car Rental Company of Dubai and experience all the festivals to make beautiful memories of the UAE trip. 


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