Top 10 Best Free Game Video Editing Software for Windows

Videos are the most popular medium for communicating with others. Videos can have a huge impact on the mind of their viewers. When compared to a normal block text, videos are more attractive, and people can remember them quite easily. And gaming videos are no exception. Videos can always help to revamp your visual memory. Youtube game streamers use videos to attract more audiences and increase the overall reach in the long run. So, if you are planning to use videos for your gaming channel on Youtube or any other platform, then you need to edit them quite well also.

In the current market, there are hundreds of gaming editing software that you can probably use. But if you want to edit the videos professionally & add personal touches, then you have to choose a good quality video editor at the beginning. Are you using Windows software? Then you have a lot of options when it comes to video editors. If you are confused about checking out these options, we will help you.

Creating neat gameplay videos requires good cutting-edge video editing software.In this blog, we will share details about 10+ editing software for Windows OS. Take a look.

1. InVideo Editor –

If you are willing to pay a small price, then InVideo is clearly one of the best video editors for windows. With the kind of features it comes with, InVideo is a true gaming video editor that streamers can use in 2021. It won\’t take much time to get used to the interface because it is clean and simple. At the same time, it has a very professional design. From cutting and trimming your videos to adding any audio file, you can do everything on this editing software. Its quick rendering speed & upload bandwidth is worth a mention.

2. Windows Movie Maker – 

At one point in time, this was a very popular video editing tool for Windows platforms. It has all the basic and simple editing features that you would expect. It comes with features like video effects, video transitions, insert titles/credits, music track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. You can also share the videos you edit directly from the platform to different social media platforms. You can easily use this on Windows 7 and 8.

3. Windows 10 Photos App –

For anyone who is using Windows 10, you also have free editing software pre-installed in the software. It is lightweight and quite effective when you want to edit your videos without too much complexity. You can choose the automatic mode, which will edit the video by itself. It makes the necessary tweaks that will help the video look more attractive and appealing.  

4. Avidemux – 

It is a free video editor that was built to allow beginners to edit their videos in a more professional manner. It can support a wide range of file types like AVI, DVD-compatible MPEG files, MP4, and ASF. The interface is clean and very simple. If you want all the basic editing features in one place neglecting the style, then this is the software you can use.

5. OpenShot – 

An open-source editor that is available for free of cost, OpenShot can help you take your editing skills to a whole new level. If you want to add different transitions and audio effects to your videos, then this is great software for you to use. This free video editing software for windows allows you to use the timeline feature. Yes! You can now edit the videos clip by clip. The editor has many video and template effects as well. It supports output file types like MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.

6. VSDC Video Editor –

Packed with a plethora of video editing features, VSDC is available free for everyone. From adding filters, overlays, transitions, and color corrections, you can do everything using the VSDC video editor. It can help you create any type of video you want to. A smooth editing experience and creative media projects are the best reasons why this editor is popular among people. The editing software also has a built-in video converter that allows you to convert any video or audio files to other formats you want to.

7. Kdenlive –

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux as well, Kdenlive is a product of simplicity and versatile video editing features. Both beginners and professionals can make true use of this video editor. It comes with a multi-track timeline, and that is why you can edit any time frame of your video easily. The editor has an auto-backup option. Don\’t forget to turn that on. From now on, you don\’t need to worry about your videos not getting saved. The output formats include MPEG, MP4, MOV.

8. Blender – 

It is wonderful software that brings more ease to 3D content creation. It supports all major OS that includes Windows as well. Some of the top features of Blender include modifier-based modeling tools, powerful character animation tools, node-based material, and so on. With a myriad of output options, you can learn a lot while using this editor.

9. HitFilm Express –

Considered to be a good alternative for Adobe After Effects, HitFilm allows you to work on your visual effects. It has a spectrum of appealing transitions and video effects that help you create more professional videos than other editors. Other than that, you can manually trim, resize the video, change audio volume, add filters, text, motion, and other different 3D effects.

10. Lightworks –

Last but not least, we have a fantastic video editor named Lightworks. It has the ability to edit videos of any genre. The free version has all the basic editing features, but for just $25, you can upgrade to the Pro version. The best part of using this editor is that it can support 4K editing! The well-designed UI and easy-to-use features make it a great choice.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top video editors that are available for Windows operating systems. Let us know which video editor you are going to use to edit the videos on your Windows OS.