50+ Catchy Tooth Fairy Names & Suggestions

My daughter, Riddhima, when she lost her first tooth, wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. She hoped that she will receive a response from this creature who will give her rewards. So, I\’ve searched on the internet to get some tooth fairy names so that she can feel happy. During my research, I\’ve liked a few names: Tinker Belle, Fairy Bub, Dandelion Button Nose, Tulip Twinkle Toes, Mignonette, and Dragonfly. Among these names, she liked the name Fairy Bub most.

However, giving the tooth fairy a proper name might be tough, but youngsters will always like it. In the end, the name should thrill the youngster and not be too dull.

Imagining that the tooth fairy smashes children\’s teeth to generate fairy dust and distributes it to other fairies is a favourite fantasy for children.

After losing their first tooth, children may write to the tooth fairy in hopes of receiving a response from this wonderful creature who tells them they\’ve done well and rewards them.

Youngsters often request fairy names while parents write letters from the fairies to their children. This is necessary to receive a letter from the tooth fairy with a name at the end.

Ariel, Fawn, Tianna, and Peter are among the most popular fairy names, but picking only one might be difficult for parents. Here is a list of tooth fairy names for your children\’s sake.

Wonderful Tooth Fairy Names

Tinker BelleDandelion Button NoseTulip Twinkle Toes
Tooth NinjaDragonflyPeri the Tooth Fairy
TopolinoMignonetteBrucie Bogtrotter
Dela MoondustMerryweatherAnna Bogle

Tooth Fairy Names For A Boy

Choosing a name for a male tooth fairy is an unusual occurrence. To honour your child\’s first tooth fairy, pick a manly name from the list below, even though the term \”fairy\” is gender-neutral.


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Fairy Names Girl

There are a lot of fairy names that are suitable for females. You may choose a name for your child\’s tooth fairy using the list below.


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Gender-Neutral Good Tooth Fairy Names

Frost Shoe ShinerThorn-Bush CrabtreeJibril Scrooge
Christina ArrowwoodGelid Wood-ChopperJacenta Santessa
Kamal SunsetCaspar Twinkle ToesAnemone Fly-Trap
Bethlehem Volcano HeatNaiad CrabtreeMusa Feather Tale

Because fairy is a non-binary phrase, brainstorm some ideas for unisex tooth fairy names that you and your child can enjoy writing to.

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Clever Tooth Fairy Names

What Kinds of Names Can We Use? Here, We\’ve Also Discussed Other Types of Fairy of Tooth Names That We\’ve Suggested in an Earlier Article.

We hope you haven\’t heard any of the names listed below in the real world because they\’re always brilliant.

Mesi Cherry SeedMoana Tumbleweed
Gelsey PinetreeMaralyn Fireflash
Horse-Fly SpriteGabriel Bird Flyer
Marlyn Early BirdVirgia Willow
Clytie BugMoke Fireflash
Moree Opium PoppyAssane Ocean-Mist
Aaron Feather-HunterPavati Cole

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1. What\’s a good name for the tooth fairy?

The best names are always perfect and appropriate for any fantasy character. We have compiled a list of great names that are the most perfect and appropriate for any fantasy character, as such names have been accepted worldwide.

So, if you are looking for perfect names, you should check out the three titles above. They are always a good mix of perfect, funny, and best names.

However, we have compiled another list in which we have created these fantastic name ideas, where every name is more perfect than the others in terms of pronunciation.

Check Out This Amazing Collection of Lists Mentioned Here Are Better Than All of the Lists Above.

So, let\’s look at some excellent names ideal for the Tooth Fairy.

  • Caliphe Cozyfur
  • Camellia Bramblegrace
  • Dalila Silkbeam
  • Ebony Spiderthistle
  • Julie Eveningflip

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3. How does the Tooth Fairy know your name?

What the tooth fairy does with the teeth differs from case to case. According to some legends, the tooth fairy will keep the teeth because of their perceived worth to her.

Those who know her believe she uses the teeth to manufacture fairy dust or continue construction on her fortress.


Real-name-inspired fairy names might be an excellent choice for your character.

I believe we have completed our tasks because we have already mentioned and suggested many tooth fairy names under various headings such as badass, unique, funny, good, and so on.

After that, we\’d want to hear your thoughts on the wonderful names and ideas that have been provided above.

Thank you for taking the time to read our whole article; however, please let us know if you feel that we have missed something.

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