Things you will never find in a top preschool

Preschool marks a serious milestone in the development of every child. You want to ensure your kid benefits from the best learning and day care conditions when attending the facility. However, you have to be careful when choosing the preschool as not all preschools sustain a proper developmental plan for kids. It happens either because of lack of sufficient funds, limited academic resources or poorly prepared teachers. Here are 4 things you will never find in a premium Singapore preschool.

1. Too rigorous curriculum

When choosing a preschool for your child, take a look at the curriculum the teachers operate with. Try to avoid learning programs that abound in daily academic tasks and subject kids to excessive psychological pressure. After all, 3-6 year olds are not as stress-resistant and able to digest loads of information as college students are. They need a leisure program based on playful learning and an opportunity for them to take a rest, play outside and explore the world at their own pace. If the preschool puts too much focus on the academic preparation of kids, skip it.

2. Lack of diversity

You are also good to avoid nursing schools whose learning program is vague, lacks diversity and color. For example, some preschools may focus on reading and writing competences, neglecting disciplines that develop kids analytical skills like maths and science. A balanced training program is critical to the proper development of children. Moreover, look for preschools whose curriculum is not static; rather changes every day involving new entertaining activities that spark kids\’ interest. Having the same activity every day may become boring after a time and make kids lose passion for learning and attending the nursing facility. Try to look for a top preschool in Singapore that engages children in daily fun and diverse activities where they can explore the world around them, experiment together and make great discoveries.

3. Underqualified teaching staff

Try to keep your child away from preschools where teachers have a questionable background. Nursing school teachers need to have at least 2 years of college, and preferably an extensive experience in working with preschoolers, which includes also a background in emergency training and child psychology. Also, watch how teachers run classes and behave with children. If they are impatient, careless and lack passion for helping kids, you should keep looking for a better preschool.


4. Low standards of safety and cleanliness

Stay away from facilities where sanitary rules are not given much attention. A top preschool has fully sanitized areas and puts a large focus on cleanliness and disinfection. During your visit, inspect the floors, play rooms, sleep rooms, and cooking areas to see whether they are clean, safe and pose no risk to the child\’s health. In addition, make sure security measures are fully implemented on the premises of the nursing facility. Strangers shouldn\’t be allowed to enter the preschool. Also, kids must be kept under close scrutiny while playing outside, so that they don\’t leave the territory of the preschool and don\’t try dangerous tricks that can injure them.