Things to Consider When Choosing a House and Land Package in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is the third most populated area in the state of Queensland, Australia. Located 100 kilometres north of Brisbane’s centre, it is home to a perfect coastline and lush hinterland. It offers a relaxing backdrop, while its numerous shops and restaurants offer all the other necessities. It is a popular destination among families to settle in.

If you are in the market for a new home, there are many house and land packages in the Sunshine Coast area that will surely check every box on your list. But before you sign any contract, here are a few things you have to consider:

Ask for a Fixed Price Contract

Building a home involves a lot of moving parts and minute details. It is easy to lose track of your expenses. By the time your home is built, you could be spending more money than you were willing to part with, especially if you are not extra careful.

When looking for a contractor, it is important to find someone who offers a fixed contract price. It is a pricing method where the total upfront cost for all construction-related activities throughout the project has been set. 

Confirm that there are no hidden fees that will give you grief in later stages of the build when it is too late to back out. In the real estate world, this is known as bait-pricing

It is common to see ads and billboards promising house and land packages in the Sunshine Coast area for a certain amount when, in reality, additional costs such as flooring, fencing, or landscaping are not yet included. Each item may not look much, but it could potentially drive your total expenses up to 20% higher. 

Look for a Genuine Turn-Key Solution 

A “turn-key” package is exactly what it sounds like. Its intent is to give prospective homeowners total peace of mind. It takes out any guesswork from all the features you should expect from your house and how much you should pay for it.    

The term turn-key is often thrown around by contractors and real estate agents, so it may be subject to interpretation. You need to communicate openly with your builder, so you know exactly what is included in the package and what is not. 

Make Sure That The Design Is Right for You

The best house and land packages in the Sunshine Coast area offer customised design services to get the home of your dreams. Reputable contractors in Sunshine Coast have an experienced design team to give you the best possible solution unique to your specific lot, personal taste, and budget situation. You can work closely with the company through the entire building process and leverage their experience and expertise to build a custom home that meets all your needs and wants.        

Built on Trust

Building a home is an important milestone for many people. It signals the start of a new chapter in life, the culmination of years of hard work. Find a contractor who understands the importance of the situation, as if they were building their own home.


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