The Ultimate List of Places to Get Free PSN Codes

What do you get when you combine a passionate gamer, an unfulfilled Christmas present, and a few hours of boredom? The ultimate list of places to find free PSN codes. With the holidays coming up and many people looking for some last minute gifts, it is important to know where one can go in order to find these codes that allow gamers access to Playstation Network without having to spend any money!

What are you waiting for? Read on to find out where some of the best places are!

The Ultimate List Of Places To Get Free PSN codes: When it comes down to finding a free PlayStation Network (PSN) account, there is no one right answer. Some people find that they have more luck with certain sites than others and each site has its own pros and cons. This list aims to give gamers options so that everyone can find something suitable! Here we go…

Each new account comes with a one month\’s subscription and gamers can use this time to explore what they want. They also have access to Sony\’s incredible library of games! The downside is that there are some restrictions on downloading – only two per day at present – but it is still worth checking out if you need to find a way in, especially since using your own credit card will cover any costs incurred during your trial period (and beyond!). It does take longer than the other options on this list, but it\’s still an excellent way of getting your hands on some free PSN codes.

Consider looking into the Sony Entertainment Network online store and picking up one of their surprisingly reasonable monthly subscriptions or downloading demos to try before you buy. The downside is that these are only available in certain countries (the UK, Canada, Australia), which means just 32% access worldwide – though there may be another option below! You could also check out Humble Bundle every few months for a great selection of discounted games with multiple payment methods accepted. As well as the more popular games, they will often have indie titles that are worth a look.

For a long time, I was stuck with the same old game selection. It wasn\’t until my friend suggested that we try out some of his PSN codes for free games to find something new and exciting. After he showed me how easy it is to get free PSN codes online, I started looking around too!

I\’m not going to lie—there were plenty of sites where people would tell you about their \”free\” PlayStation Network (PSN) code generator or offer up a few bucks in exchange for yours… That\’s why it took so much research before I found this list of places that actually had legitimate ways to help us get these things without having to pay anything at all:

Reddit\’s r/GameSale – I got one code for $0.99 by following the instructions to sign up as a PlayStation Plus member, and then using my iPhone or Android app to scan in the barcode on their site. They also have giveaways every week!

Free Psn Codes GenninGamer – This is an especially good place if you\’re looking for free PSN codes because they usually offer different deals each day of the week that give out something like five or ten codes at once—and sometimes more than just games too! You can get some cool stuff here that will make your friends jealous…

Free Psn Codes Playstation Network Cards (PSN) – If you don\’t have a PS Plus membership or want to buy more than just one game, this is the place for you. You can get them on Amazon starting from $25 and they offer different discounts depending on how much money you put in

Free Psn Codes Reddit\’s r/PSPlusExchange – This subreddit has hundreds of people who are swapping codes with each other so it\’s really easy to find some awesome deals! They also have giveaways that give out free games every day.

Group Gifts: Sometimes groups like PlayStation Gamers Club will send gifts if there\’s enough interest in their post

Signing up as an affiliate through Sony Affiliates Program: The only way I found to get codes for free is through Sony\’s affiliate program.

Free PSN Codes From PlayStation: They give you a code every time they post on their Instagram account but it can be a little tricky to get one sometimes


If you are looking for a fun last minute gift and happen to be the owner of an unfulfilled Christmas present lying around, there is no need to fret. We have compiled this list of places where one can find free PSN codes that will allow gamers access to Playstation Network without having spend any money! With these resources, we hope everyone has been able to get their hands on some great deals in order to enjoy all they want from PlayStation Network during the holidays without breaking the bank. What did you think about our list? Did it help you out at all? Let us know how your search went by leaving a comment below or sharing with friends who may also be searching for free PSN codes.