The Top File Managers for Mac: Finder & Beyond

The moment Mac users hear the term ‘file manager,’ they immediately think of Finder. This is the default Mac management software and has been an indispensable part of macOS since the beginning of its graphical user interface in 1984. The Happy Mac logo of Finder is unmistakable and is the first icon in the Dock.

If you interact with files on your Mac, they are automatically saved in the Recents Finder Folder. But if you are tired of working with this folder, you can change default save location Mac. Launch Finder and head to Preferences > find the “New Finder Windows Show:” in the General tab and choose any of the suggested options. For instance, the Downloads folder. Or, if you want the Mac management software to open a custom folder by default, choose Other from the dropdown menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

While Finder is a helpful software, many Mac users are tired of its limitations and lack of advanced features. For instance, the software doesn’t have an advanced search capability and doesn’t support case-sensitive searches. Even simple tasks like copying and pasting items or moving files from one folder to another are unnecessarily cumbersome. Luckily, there are third-party file managers for Mac with advanced functionalities that you can use to streamline folder and file management.

Some of the top file managers for Mac that are far more advanced than Finder are given below:

  • Commander One

Commander One is regarded as one of the topmost file managers for Mac. The app is known for its efficient handling of files without a fuss. It even allows users to work files using two panels, work with archives in creating and reading modes, support search using regular expressions, comes with an in-built Terminal, etc.

Additionally, the file manager manages local files and those stored on remote servers and cloud storage. So, if you are not happy with Finder, you can check out Commander One and gain control of your files.

  • BuhoCleaner

Although primarily a file cleaner, BuhoCleaner is equipped with practical features to manage files on Mac. One of its standout file manager features is the Disk Space Analyzer. This visually represents the folders on the hard drive, along with their locations, how much space they are consuming, and other details. Thanks to this, it is easy to quickly identify and delete redundant files.

The app also assists in managing unnecessary files like caches, DMG files, large files, and duplicate files. Eliminating these files means reclaiming storage space on your Mac for downloading more files and installing macOS updates.

BuhoCleaner is an excellent tool if you are seeking an app that offers more than file management.

  • ForkLift

ForkLift is a dual-pane file manager for Mac. The app prides itself as one of the advanced file transfer clients and file managers. Some of the notable features include file transfer, file management, multiple renaming, file synchronization, remote connection, and editing.

ForkLift is worth considering if you want to use a feature-rich file manager.

  • Marta

Marta is a free file manager for Mac, offering dual panes. The app supports deleting, copying, sharing, and editing files.

Marta makes for a viable Finder alternative, especially because it is free.

  • Transmit

Transmit is a file management software that works efficiently with files stored on cloud storage and remote servers. There are view modes for remote and local files, quick browsing with QuickLook, a sync wizard, a data transfer manager, local directory listing, and more handy features.

This file manager is a stable application with an easy-to-understand interface, and regular improvements and updates are introduced.

  • Path Finder

Path Finder is another well-known file manager for Mac. The app is popular because of its interface, which is similar to Mac Finder. The app lets users burn discs and supports burning DVDs and CDs in HFS+, Hybrid, Audio CD formats, etc. Additionally, the app provides native support to Apple silicon, has a user-friendly favorites pane, and integrates with AirDrop.

The app is well-suited to power users seeking to enhance their productivity.

  • Fman

Fman is straightforward file management for Mac. It is a lightweight application that doesn’t require many resources to function. Whether you have a low disk capacity or your computer is running slowly, this app can function at its optimal without cramping the available system resources.

The app can be used to move or copy files, explore directories, perform file-related tasks, mount external devices, etc. You can use the search bar to access anything you want.


These are the top file managers for Mac, but of course, there are others. The list is too long, and it isn’t possible to include all of them. If you are seeking a worthy Finder replacement, the apps mentioned above fit the bill.

Do you want to add more to the list of file managers for Mac? Leave a comment below.


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