The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn launched one year before Facebook back in 2003? While most social media platforms are about building communities, LinkedIn is about building the professional community to enable productivity and success. That makes it one of the obvious targets for video marketing. Check out how this video creator with its video ad templates could help you make the perfect LinkedIn ad. 

Benefits of Using a Video Creator with LinkedIn 

Before you get started and make videos on LinkedIn or any other platform, you want to make sure they get those videos to the right audience. That means doing some planning to define who that audience is and what type of online video will appeal to them. Then, your video creator becomes your perfect tool. It’s easy to use and you can access a large stock of templates for you to customize. 

After you create your first video and you\’re happy with it, you can easily promote your business on LinkedIn to get these benefits:

  • Brand awareness 
  • Premium account features 
  • Professional culture 

Brand awareness 

Most video creator tools allow you to download your video straight into the LinkedIn platform. While this is not an official ad, it’s a great way to get traffic to your business page and raise awareness. That part is free. 

LinkedIn has an interesting auction system for ads. You essentially bid and pay if the ad you’ve made with your video creator gets chosen over your competitors. It’s actually an interesting way to get instant feedback and check how your online video ranks against the competition. 

Premium account features 

LinkedIn Premium gives you the inside track to make connections that might not be open to you. This means you can take target advertising to the ultimate level. Also, the data is accurate because people post their information based on their resumes. Compare this to Facebook where many people post joke demographics or none at all. 

This means that you can get down to the nitty gritty of your target audience when working with your video creator. Of course, you can also leverage the online video maker along with any video template you want. Then you can add music, fun features, and any video editing effects you need. The good news is that the music comes with no rights reserved and, bonus point, the video editor is very intuitive to use.

Professional culture 

Everyone on LinkedIn is there for business networking and many hope to hire people or find a job. This makes the culture much more open to evaluating businesses and what they’re offering. On the flip side, social media can be simply about catching up with friends rather than shopping. So, make sure you use your video maker to make a video to match those different cultures.

Cons of Video Marketing on LinkedIn

There are always two sides to everything. It’s worth knowing some of the disadvantages of creating video clips with a video maker for LinkedIn: 

  • Time required 
  • Business niche 
  • Limited images and status update space 

Time required 

Anyone can drag and drop an online video into their feed or business page. Nevertheless, this becomes pointless if you don’t have a community to reach out to. This is where it takes time and effort. Also, not everyone accepts your invitation to connect. They will first judge whether you match their industry and business interests. 

A video creator saves you a huge amount of time when you make videos. You still need to think about your channel distribution and the most efficient way to share your videos to the right audience. LinkedIn is the perfect community if you already have a history and a reputation with them. 

Business niche to focus your video maker

LinkedIn is designed for business professionals. If, on the other hand, your target customer is the younger generation then the chances are they’ll be on a different platform. So, depending on what you need, the business focus can be a good thing or not.

Also, when posting with your video creator, it’s important to remember that everything has a professional undertone. Of course, you can still have fun and be professional at the same time but you can’t go too wacky. That’s where the other social media platforms come into play. 

Limited images and status update space 

Ads are simply less prominent on LinkedIn and not everyone will notice them. Also, when you download from your video creator, you’ll note that you have limited space for your status update. This could lead to some frustrations if you also want to include your marketing tagline, for instance.

Parting Words on Using your Video Creator with LinkedIn 

Video marketing is all about planning for your target audience. You also need to be driven by your goals which is how you determine the best platform for your business. Once you know your audience’s viewing preferences, you’ll get a good sense of which platform you should use. LinkedIn ads can be very powerful if you have a large community and if your ad fits within a professional culture. So, consider your goals and your target audience and you’ll have your first clues for the best video marketing for your business.