The Perfect Table For The Gamer

Gamers cherish a decent, comfortable gaming workstation more than anyone else. They should be as comfortable as possible, given that they spend 90% of their time playing video games. Furthermore, in this context, “comfort” also refers to maintaining one’s health. Do you know how to select a gaming desk?

Every gamer thinks about upgrading his computer equipment at some point. However, herewith, one should not forget about the comfort of the entire gaming environment. Employ gaming desks to fully immerse oneself in the virtual world of games and enjoy the process to the maximum.

There are numerous variations of a gaming desk in Canada. Do you know what you should look for when choosing an ideal gaming desk?

What Makes A Good Gaming Table?

Before choosing a gaming workstation, you should consider the following:

  • The desk’s location – to put it in the room so that it does not receive direct sunlight and there is an outlet nearby;
  • Desk design measurements – it is vital to calculate the maximum height and width of the desired model ahead of time so that you do not have to replace the furniture in the room later (pre-record the dimensions of the PC and its components. This will allow you to select a model with the most optimal desktop size).

The Features Of A Decent Gaming Desk

The gamer’s computer desk significantly differs from an average office and classic desk. Gaming desks prioritize comfort above utility. You can see that by viewing the image on the Internet. Its appearance is not the only thing that distinguishes it.


One of the gamer desk’s distinguishing features is its multi-level manner of customizing its working surfaces. It increases the ergonomics of the design. Multilevelness is required to facilitate the installation of numerous displays, joysticks, rudders, pedals, an acoustic system, and other equipment.

For increased convenience, the desk incorporates a retractable keyboard shelf. It also has leg support to help ease tension on the arms and back.


Nowadays, a wide range of gaming workstations are accessible on the market. Some of them come with an adjustable countertop. As a result, the gamer\’s hands do not become as tired.

Material of High Quality

Professional gaming desks are made from natural materials. The majority of them also have a special covering that keeps players from sweating and provides extra comfort during a long game.

The materials are also designed to withstand heavy loads. Furthermore, some gamers are extremely irritable and frequently ruin their gaming desks, while others spill drinks and food on the table. As a result, the surface of the desks is constructed of robust synthetic materials that are resistant to harm and various substances.

Ergonomic Design

Aside from the fact that gamer desks should be strong because they are used frequently rather than for several hours a day, it is vital to choose the appropriate size of the working surface.

The ideal countertop dimensions are 120 cm long and 80 cm wide. The need to bring additional elements to the desk necessitates the greater space.

Availability of Specialties

As a rule, gaming desks include the following additional features:

  • Plastic table edging (to keep the technique from falling off the desk);
  • Cutouts for easy placement of gaming equipment and the gamer himself;
  • Cable clips;
  • Hidden wiring (when all the wires are hidden inside the gaming station);
  • Armrests (help the gamer to play the game with less strain on his back);
  • Storage boxes (for game disks, supplementary devices, and equipment);
  • Shelves (e.g., for a keyboard, an acoustic system, etc.);
  • LED lighting with the option of adjusting the colour or emitting a steady glow.

Best Gaming Desk 2021

If you are still having trouble deciding on a gaming desk, here is a list of the best gaming desks this year:

SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk

It is the world’s best gaming desk. Key specs:

  • Premium metal design;
  • Smart cable management;
  • Max load of 100 kg;
  • Size: 1500×700 mm;
  • Height: 735-755 mm.

Hbada Gaming Desk

It is the most budget-friendly variant. Key specs:

  • Affordable;
  • Nice carbon fibre finish;
  • Size: 1100×600 mm;
  • Height: approx. 762 mm.

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk

It is a premium gaming desk with the following specs:

  • Max load of 120 kg;
  • Size: 1400×600 mm;
  • Height: 725 mm;
  • Packed with many features;
  • It has carbon fibre finish.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

It is a stylish gaming desk that ensures nothing but pleasure. Key specs:

  • Max load of 80 kg;
  • Size: 1524×700 mm;
  • Height: 765 mm;
  • Two headphone hooks are available;
  • Nice shape.

ToughDesk 500L RGB Gaming Desk.

This desk type is available in two sizes – 1600×800 and 800×600. Key specs:

  • Max load of 150 kg;
  • Size: 1600×800/800×600 mm;
  • Height: 700-1100 mm.

To select the best gaming desk, you must first listen to your desires and then focus on the most convenient option within your budget. A comfortable workstation will ensure that your gaming experience is truly unforgettable.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.