The Nintendo Switch Needs More Sports Games

The Nintendo’s Lack of Sports Games

Aside from the FIFA series, Nintendo has a noticeable lack of sports games. This may be due to developers feeling that these games are a poor fit for the format of the Nintendo Switch, leading to lackluster sales. Whatever the reason may be, Switch users are desperate for sports titles they can play on the go. 

There is no reason to believe that Switch users wouldn’t capitalize on having a variety of sports games to choose from. As Nintendo has sold lots of Switch units in Japan and Korea, where baseball is very popular, you can imagine that the premier baseball game MLB: The Show would sell well in these regions. In the US, Switch users would probably be just as interested in playing the Madden series on the go. Let’s see what these games have to offer. 

MLB: The Show

MLB: The Show is by far the most popular baseball series in the US. Developed by San Diego Studio, this series is known for its photo-realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. For most dedicated MLB fans, this game is the easy choice, despite its $60 price tag at launch.

The features in the 2021 version of The Show are the most advanced we’ve seen in a baseball game to date. It’s very immersive, and offers numerous different game modes like an in-depth career mode, franchise mode, and a team-building mode that allows you to replicate different teams from throughout history and bring all your favorite players together under one dream banner. 

MLB: The Show is also known for having accurate ratings that are true to the real life teams and players. For instance, the San Francisco Giants are one of the best teams and are constantly the favorite in the MLB betting odds. The game has them rated in the top 10 teams and this is where they have been since the game launched. Hitting and pitching mechanics have also been updated for 2021 and provide a very realistic experience for baseball fans. 

Madden NFL

The Madden NFL series is legendary in the US. For the most realistic, fast paced, and exciting football game series, fans have always flocked to these titles. The mechanics of the series are superb as they have been building and refining them for decades.

Madden has a fantastic online multiplayer mode that provides a smooth and comprehensive experience for connected players. Playing against friends in a heated match is what made this series famous. Of course, offline is just as enjoyable with Franchise mode, Face of The Franchise mode, and Madden Ultimate Team. The graphics are also top notch with character models perfectly resembling their real life namesakes.