The Last Of Us Part 2: Nice Musical Wink In New Update

Quick Pickup:

        Future Days by Pearl Jam, performed by Joel Troy Baker has been featured in the game.

        Through the Valley, a song by Shawn James is also featured.

The latest update to The Last of Us Part 2 introduced two new difficulty levels. And with them, an Easter egg that only the bravest will see.

Last week, Naughty Dog released a patch for The Last of Us Part 2 with many small but exciting news: new more difficult difficulty modes, cheats that make the game easier, mirror mode, and very original visual filters.

Without a doubt, the highlight is the addition of the realistic mode, in which the interface and the listening mode disappear. Resources are very scarce with one or two bullets mean death. The Permadeath mode, in which if you bite the dust you will have to start the game or the chapter from the beginning.

The Easter Egg!


Beating the game in these modes is a challenge only suitable for the bravest. But if you succeed, a delightful surprise awaits you. It is a new \”Easter Egg\” that the community has discovered, as Naughty Dog never advertised it. Relax, it has no spoilers.

There’s A Song!

If you beat the game in a realistic mode, the credits song is Future Days by Pearl Jam, but performed by Joel Troy Baker. You will undoubtedly remember this song because Joel sings it to Ellie in a scene of the game, although only a fragment plays ‘If I ever were to lose you, I\’d surely lose myself.’

On the other hand, according to another user, if you complete the game in Permadeath mode, you will be able to listen to Through the Valley, a song by Shawn James that Ellie Ashley Johnson performs in the game.

If you have already finished The Last of Us Part 2, you will remember that the song that plays in the credits, on any other difficulty, is Wayfaring Stranger performed by Baker and Johnson, a traditional American song, with no known author, famous for also appearing in the film 1917.

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