The Last Of Us 2: Neil Druckmann Cameo That You Missed

Druckmann has also confirmed that Hailey Gross, Narrative Director of Naughty Dog, also has a cameo in the same part.

The Last of Us Part II is packed with special details that players can find if they look patiently. In addition, Naughty Dog herself has a reputation for creating these small details, observable after the second, or even third, a round of the game. Recently, a fan of the game noticed one of these Easter Eggs, it involved Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross

Players discovered small details on Ellie\’s bracelet in the last scene of The Last of Us Part II, which can totally change the interpretation of the game. Another of these details that we wanted to implement in the game is the one that involved a very special inclusion around the end of the game.

A player on Reddit, SpiderChundi, wrote on the platform that the voices of two characters were heard that the player could hear towards the end of the game.


When playing as Abby in Seattle Day 3, you can hear something on the radio after entering the Theater where Ellie, Dina, Tommy, and Jesse are living. Like Abby, two voices of WLF members can be heard saying that Isaac is dead and calling for help on Serafina Island.

This player claimed that the voices were from Druckmann and Gross, asking Reddit for advice on this and confirmation if this was so. Druckmann himself confirmed it, praising this player\’s hearing abilities. In the Reddit post, the other users were partly happy about the discovery, but also eager for Druckmann\’s confirmation.

This confirmation may continue to attract more players, as the secrets in the Naughty Dog games have been so well hidden that they have always been discovered long after the game\’s release.

The Last of Us 2 receives patch 1.05 with new levels of difficulty, mirror mode, permadeath.

What do you think about the discovery of this user? On the other hand, the voice actresses of The Last of Us Part 2 talking about the fight in an important final scene.