The Impaler: Path of Exile Heist’s Spectral Throw Champion Guide

An effective build worth every bit of PoE currency!

The skill Spectral Throw may have gotten a bit of a downgrade, but when you use The Savior, it becomes stronger than it has ever been. Aside from the huge but conditional boost, the skill is also fun to use and spam. Try out this PoE build–it’s worth the POE Currency you’ll be spending for it.

How Spectral Throw Champion Works

The Spectral Throw Champion is all about two things: the fun of using Spectral Throw, and the stacking of Impale on enemies. We chose the Champion because this ascendancy has the passive ability Master of Metal, which increases chances for attacks to cause Impale, gives Impale two extra hits, and grants you and your allies bonus armor after causing impale on an enemy.

This particular passive ability will grant you a very high chance of causing Impale–sometimes even 100%—so you should be focused on getting more bonuses than increasing your chances of causing it. It also helps to boost your attack speed so that you can keep spamming Spectral Throw.

Pros and Cons

As for the pros and cons, we’ll be starting with the former. Like what’s been said lots of times, it’s a really fun PoE build to use. It might not matter much to min-maxers, but those that go for enjoyment over meta will definitely love it. Plus, it\’s not too shabby in terms of damage-dealing either. This is because it can deal with huge single-target damage, has considerable clear speed as well, and can take on various kinds of content.

Unfortunately, the Path of Exile build also has quite a few drawbacks. It’s by no means cheap, as you’ll need lots of POE Orbs for it, and it relies on The Saviour. This particular POE Uniques weapon is not easy to find when you’re soloing, so mostly you’ll have to do some POE Trade for it. It’s also not for starting leagues because it has to be properly geared first, and it cannot run Hardcore. Finally, you need a gem swap when it comes to bosses.

If the pros outweigh the cons (which are mostly cost-related) for you, then you definitely should try this Path of Exile build out!

Gem Links

Now, let’s move on to the gem links. For the mandatory support gems your core namesake skill, you’ll be using two Awakened ones: Vicious Projectiles and Brutality, while the rest is Impale and either Maim or Damage on Full Life. For the last socket, have Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles when clearing maps, and Slower Projectiles on bosses.

For Auras, you’ll have two setups. For the first one, have Flesh and Stone and Pride with Enlighten and Maim support gems, and have Precision (level 1 is good enough), Dread Banner, Herald of Purity, and Enlighten support gem for the second one.

Meanwhile, for mobility, have Leap Slam and Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks support gem.

Gearing Up

Time to move on to gear! Let’s begin with weapons, of which you’ll have two. Your main is preferably a Rare sword with huge physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance, while for the off-hand it’s a must that it’s The Saviour. Aside from the increased physical damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance, it triggers level 20 Reflection when equipped.

For your head, a Rare helm with bonuses to life and elemental resistances are a must, as well as mods for Spectral Throw Deceleration and 9% increased damage to nearby enemies. Meanwhile, the chest should be a Rare Astral Plate with increased life, elemental resistances, and critical strike chance and/or multiplier, as well as -15 mana cost.

For your gloves, have Rare Gripped Gloves with life, elemental resistances, and dexterity. Boots, meanwhile, should be two-toned boots with Tailwind, life, elemental resistances, and at least 20% increased movement speed. As for your belt, Ryslatha’s Coil is recommended, as it increases strength, life, enemies’ stun duration, less minimum physical damage but more maximum physical damage, and you gain 50 life every time you stun an enemy.

Last would be a Rare Turquoise Amulet with increased critical strike chance multiplier, physical damage to attacks, life, and -9 to mana cost, as well as two Rare Rings with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, physical damage, vulnerability on hit, intelligence, and -15 mana cost.

The Spectral Throw Champion isn’t exactly an easy PoE build. Then again, many POE builds that are quite demanding also happen to be enjoyable, not to mention effective. So if you have the resources for it and the willingness to commit to this build, try it out–you definitely won’t regret it.