The Benefits of Going Paperless and Integrating Mobile Form Apps

Since the pandemic has hit the globe, we have become more aware of the world, health, and overall improvements that could lead to an improved way of living, so much focus is being given to going paperless and saving as many trees as possible. Did you know that it takes approximately 25 trees to produce one ton of paper? And with millions of global offices, imagine the number of trees getting chopped every day to supply those offices and other areas of life that require paper documents. Besides, other issues, such as global warming and the scarcity of natural resources, call for the general world population to come together and integrate nature-saving strategies in their routine to save as much of the planet as possible.

Why is it essential to go paperless?

If your team still uses paper, pencils, and clipboards to conduct their field inspections, we recommend that you shift to mobile form apps such as ProntoForms and see how you can improve your workflow. At first, you will find it pretty hard to go paperless since you have been relying on papers for a long time. You and your team are perfectly comfortable with using paper, printing papers, and indulging in other paper-based processes, which they have been following for ages.

However, trust us when we tell you that you will feel a sense of pride as soon as you switch to going paperless. Also, you will be switching to a tech-upgrade which is essential in today’s rapidly evolving technology-oriented marketplace where all businesses keep looking for ways to stand out in their niche and leave behind their competitors.

Here are some of the essential benefits of going paperless:

Instant Access

As we pass through 2021, we have become used to instant access to all kinds of information, and everything else, such as a financial transaction. We want access to everything within a few seconds, and mobile form apps have made this possible. With e-documents, cloud, and automated workflow tools, we can get instant access to data without relying on manual intervention.

Improved Workflow & Documentation

According to different surveys, employees spend at least 1/3rd of their work time looking for paper documents. With the inclusion of mobile form apps and e-documents, the workflow and documentation process becomes much easier. With e-documents, you can sort out documents and information according to different categories, such as the date, type of document, and other areas. By going paperless, you will be spending less time finding business documents, while the in-text searches will be easier.

Saving Time & Boosting Sales, Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

Indulging in paperwork is more time-consuming than you might think. By the time the paperwork finds its way back to the headquarters, your team might have detected some miscalculations. They would be feeling fatigued to re-enter the information and double-check the documents, only making the workflow operations longer and thus delaying certain operations. 

You might face potentially incomplete or miscalculated entries, which add to the potential risks of errors. With the integration of mobile form apps, your team can assess such problems quickly and more efficiently. That said, you can save on loads of money and time while ensuring that the operations workflow sails as smoothly as possible.

Besides, the mobile form apps allow the entire team to stay on the same page while exchanging information and making corrections. This aspect generates a boost of focus, productivity, and customer satisfaction which is essential to increase your sales and boost revenue.

The bottom line is that by going paperless and using mobile form apps, you will be doing nature and your company a good favor that will pay you in the long run.