Teach Your Child to Ride Better With a Balance Bike

Were you one of those kids who had to learn how to bike with training wheels? It made for a stable ride because of the two side wheels that kept the bike balanced while you were riding it. It made bikes easy to ride as a child. 

However, it might not be the easiest transition from training wheels to regular bikes because even if you have been on training wheels for a while, your first time on regular bikes can still cause you to fall and get hurt. Would you want that for your children? Fortunately, there is a better option, and that is balance bikes. The following explains why these are better than training wheels.

The right fit.

Balance bikes fit younger kids better than ones with training wheels. There are children who start riding at a very young age and the bikes at the market that have training wheels are made for kids a bit older. It makes it difficult for the younger ones to bike even with training wheels. The seat could be too tall or the pedals are too long for their legs to reach.

But if you choose a balance bike, you will notice that the bike\’s frame is narrower and has a lower seat height. Of course, you can always find a balance bike with a higher seat height if you want the bike for your bigger kids. It is more difficult to find bikes with training wheels in various sizes.

The correct weight.

Because of the added wheels, bikes with training wheels are heavier. Instead of leaving your child to bike on an empty street you will have to keep a close eye on them, especially if the bike needs to be carried back. They are rather heavy, so if they get stuck, your child will not be able to pull them out.

Meanwhile, a balance bike is much lighter. Bikes like these are usually 50% lighter than their counterparts, making them an ideal for kids. They can push the bikes if they are tired and do not want to ride them anymore. They can also get off the bike and lift it without problems. On top of that, since it is lightweight it allows them to ride farther.

The transition.

The transition between bikes with training wheels to regular bikes is a lot tougher than you realize. Your kids will struggle because of balance. If you choose bikes with training wheels, your child will get used to riding a bike without needing to balance. They might even get used to riding a bike tilted because of the training wheels.

However, with a balance bike, your child will have a smoother transition because the whole purpose of this kind of bike is to teach children how to balance. It will teach them to learn how to balance while being mobile. If you are worried about pedaling, both bikes teach kids how to pedal. Once they learn how to balance, pedaling will be a breeze.

These are the big differences between bikes with training wheels and balance bikes. From the right size and weight to the smoothness of the transition between these bikes to a regular bike, the balance bike is the winner when teaching your children how to ride a bike.