Swiss Luxury Brand: 12 Best Chopard Watches in 2021

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Swiss Luxury Brand: 12 Best Chopard Watches in 2021

Chopard is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded by Louis-Ulysse in 1860. Since then, this brand has been producing a variety of timepieces with reliable precision and unique aesthetics. Here are some of the best Chopard watches in the market right now.

  1. Chopard 161971-5001 L.U.C Regulator Men’s Watch

This timepiece is the best on the list of the latest Chopard watches right now. The 161971-5001 boasts its premium construction of rose gold casing with sapphire glass cover. It has a silver dial that matches the alligator leather straps. Plus, it comes with automatic movement and 216 hours of power reserve.

  1. Chopard 198609-3002 Alpine Eagle XL Chrono Men’s Watch

The Chopard 198609-3002 comes in a stainless steel casing with a sapphire crystal cover. It boasts its 45 jewels with automatic movement and a 60-hour power reserve. The black dial of this timepiece incorporates Rhodium-plated indexes with three sub-dials. It is also resistant to the water of up to 100 meters.

  1. Chopard 168561-3001 L.U.C Perpetual Twin Men’s Watch

The 168561-3001 is another excellent Chopard watch on the list. It comes with self-winding movement, a 65-hour power reserve, 30-meter water resistance, and 29 jewels. The casing is made from stainless steel material. The silver dial of this timepiece incorporates Roman numerals indexes with hours, minutes, and seconds markers.

  1. Chopard 298601-6001 Alpine Eagle Ladies’ Watch

If you want a luxury watch with unique aesthetics, then the Chopard 298601-6001 is the best for you. Its casing and bracelet incorporates a combination of stainless steel and rose gold material, while the grey dial is covered with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. This 100-meter water-resistant timepiece also has automatic movement.

  1. Chopard 278559-3007 Happy Diamonds Happy Sport Ladies’ Watch

The Chopard 278559-3007 is one of the most luxurious Chopard watches in the market right now. Its blue dial is covered with a sapphire glass cover, while its bezel is packed with diamonds. This automatic watch timepiece also comes with 42 hours of power reserve, 30 meters of water resistance, and 25 jewels.

  1. Chopard 161948-5002 L.U.C Limited Edition Men’s Watch

This limited-edition watch from the L.U.C series is an excellent timepiece with unique aesthetics. It boasts its automatic movement, matched with 68 hours of power reserve and 29 jewels. The Chopard 161948-5002’s casing is made from 18kt of rose gold with alligator leather straps. Its green dial also incorporates an anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire glass cover.

  1. Chopard 161948-5001 L.U.C XPS Men’s Watch

The Chopard 161948-5001 is an excellent choice for people looking for a timepiece with minimal design. Its silver dial incorporates a clean look of indexes, a 12 o’clock marker, and gold-toned hands, while the casing is made from rose-gold material and matched with leather straps. This watch also boasts its 29 jewels automatic movement and 65-hour power reserve.

  1. Chopard 298600-3001 Alpine Eagle Men’s Watch

Another excellent stainless steel watch on the list is the Chopard 298600-3001. Its dial incorporates a unique blue design with Rhodium-plated hands. This timepiece is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass covered with 100 meters of water resistance and boasts its luxurious 31 jewels automatic movement.

  1. Chopard 278573-6003 Happy Sport 30mm Ladies’ Watch

The Chopard 278573-6003 is a stunning watch from the Happy Sport series. It incorporates stainless steel casing, sapphire front glass cover, transparent back case, and alligator leather straps. The white dial is also done with guilloche finishes with a matching diamond-set bezel and gold-toned hands. Plus, this automatic timepiece equips 20 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve.

  1. Chopard 388563-6003 Imperiale 29mm Ladies Watch

The Chopard Imperiale Automatic Silver Dial is a stunning lady’s watch from the Imperial series. Its casing is made from 18 karats of rose gold and stainless steel material. The face of this timepiece is also covered with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Plus, the Chopard 388563-6003 boasts 50 hours of water resistance, 20 jewels, and automatic movement.

  1. Chopard 278587-3001 Happy Ocean Men’s Diamond Watch

One of the most stunning Chopard watches right now is the Happy Ocean Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch. Its casing is made from a stainless steel material with an excellent water-resistance of up to 300 meters. This timepiece also boasts its 60 hours of power reserve, automatic mechanical movement, and 31 jewels. In terms of aesthetics, this watch is the best on the list.

  1. Chopard 168566-6001 Mille Miglia Men’s Watch

This list will not be complete if the Chopard 168566-6001 is not present. It is one of the best watches in the market right now in terms of aesthetics. The casing comes in a combination of 18kt rose gold and stainless steel matched with a polished grey dial. It also boasts its self-winding mechanical movement, 100-meter water resistance, and 40 jewels.


Chopard is undeniably a brand of uniquely designed luxury watches. It produces timepieces with off-the-chart aesthetics. If you are looking forward to buying one, you might want to see this list first.