\’Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Trailer For PS5, Xbox Series X And PC

We got a glimpse of what Rocksteady\’s new Suicide Squad looks like after making the Batman Arkham trilogy.

It\’s a bit late, at least in Spain, but surely those who are waiting to see the new Rocksteady Studios has prepared, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, will not have missed it for the world. And it is not for less, since we have already been able to see and know a little more about the project in question. We leave you just below with his trailer.

And there was already a lot of expectation generated since last August 7, Rocksteady confirmed it through its official Twitter account. Not much was seen in the message, just an image, and the date where it would be announced and more of the game in question could be seen.


Finally, a trailer has been shown in style in this new game by Rocksteady Studios, the same ones that created the Batman: Arkham trilogy of games, but this time with a new game that they promise will be pure action. And it is that it is an action and adventure title with shooter overtones.

On this occasion, the most dangerous villains in the DC universe have been forced to unite in a team with a joint mission between them: Kill the Justice League. Create chaos in Metropolis, because this time, you will be and embody the members of the Suicide Squad.

As seen at the end of the trailer, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is scheduled to release in 2022. It will, in this way, for new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to on PC.