Suicide Squad Game Confirmed By Rocksteady! Deets Inside

Suicide Squad game revealed. Rocksteady\’s next title is official. The company has shown an image with Superman as the protagonist. All the news will be shown on August 22.

Officially, Rocksteady\’s next title has been announced and confirmed. After much hearsay, rumors, and leaks, the Suicide Squad game is a reality. A tweet from the company itself has given the news.

For months and months, the uncertainty has lasted about what Rocksteady, creators of the fantastic Batman Arkham trilogy, was preparing. As we pointed out, there have been dozens of rumors that have taken place in the past months.


The fence was closing around two possibilities and even both. A Batman game and another about Suicide Squad, the famous group of DC villains that already had their own movie a few years ago. It seems that the latter will come to the fore in the coming days.

The image displayed by the development studio gives us the first clue about the game\’s plot. Suicide Squad Game is mentioned, so the title is already confirmed, but the select group does not appear, if not Superman on his back and with a Suicide Squad peephole on his neck.

The showdown against the Man of Steel? Everything seems to indicate it, the image does not give rise to doubts. Will the aforementioned affect the rest of the Justice League? That is where the questions begin. These issues will be resolved on August 22 during the DCFanDome, where the game will be seen for the first time.

So far everything we know at the moment about the \’The Suicide Squad game \’. We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the news, stay tuned to \” Nintendo inquirer\”.