50+ Popular Subdivision Names

Subdivisions are what’s on people’s minds these days. As you all may know, subdivisions are small housing or residential communities. One of my friends is starting to give subdivision flats on rent and for advertising purposes, he needed some good subdivision name suggestions, so he came to me for help and I was happy to!

While finding subdivision names for him, I came across too many of them. I therefore compiled a list of his options. I had the idea to share it with other subdivision owners through this interesting read. Look around you might find the right one for you as well. 

What are some Cool and Catchy Subdivision Names

Despite the fact that subdivisions are smaller housing societies than continents, states, and even districts, it is significantly better administered across the board, which makes them cooler than others. However, there are numerous subdivisions available for purchase nowadays, which means that there is a great deal of rivalry in the market.

Charlton StreetAlba PlaceKitcat Terrace
Charlotte CottagesElia StreetCastle Place
Anchor AlleyBeresford StreetBeaulieu Villas
Barton StreetAlbany StreetChapel Court

In order to beat off other companies, the name of the subdivision needed to be both cool and catchy. So I did my research accordingly and found some cool and catchy subdivision names for my friend like Charlton Street, Alma Terrace, Chatham Street, etc. Here’s the full list for you: 

Best Subdivision Names

You should also know that once you finalize your subdivision name, there is no going back to change it, there is a whole lot of paperwork required. It is possible that things will move much more slowly if you decide to change the name of your subdivision along the road.

Black Lion CourtAthelstane RoadDrew Street
Bolton RoadUdall StreetCharlotte Street
Blendon RoadHarvest CreekChurch Road
Brand StreetAvondale RoadAcacia Road

Hence, we needed to make sure that my friend lands on the best name. So, I searched for some more alternatives for him which in my opinion were the best, and made another list for him to compare. If you also want the best, here are some options for you: 

Awesome Subdivision Names

Although all these names were good, my friend had some different views when he consulted some of his relatives for feedback. According to them, the names weren\’t awesome or sophisticated enough or appropriate for the gen-z class and were very mature!

Bridge StreetAlbion AvenueArthur Grove
Alfred PlaceAnstey RoadBishop’s Road
Cambridge PlaceCarlton RoadArundel Place
Arundel GroveHazel GroveRaglan Street

Hence, to make it more child friendly, I thought of some good school group team names and paired them up with some aesthetic words like Forest’, ‘Park’, ‘Woods’, ‘Oaks’ and ‘Meadows, and taking inspiration from them, I made some awesome subdivision names that my friend also liked a lot, like People I Live With, or Alexandra Drive or Cambridge Street! Have a look at all of them: 

Amazing Subdivision Names


While we decided on a good name, my friend\’s co-partner in this subdivision name told him to think of something amazing, like the Kahoot names! Well, what can be so amazing about subdivisions? The location and surroundings of the community should be reflected in a great subdivision name.

Cavendish RoadBall CourtBell Court
Anchor StreetArtillery LaneConsort Road
Church PathRobsart PlaceBenhill Road
Deal StreetAgnes StreetCastle Yard

Hence, I made a list of such names as Camden Gardens, Beckenham Lane, Dovehouse Street, etc, and all turned out to be amazing! See if you can find one for yourself:

Why is it so important to name subdivisions?

While we decided on these names, a question popped into my mind that why do we need to name all these subdivisions? Being curious I couldn’t help but search all the benefits of naming your subdivisions, like: 

  • The subdivision\’s name may have a big role in getting the Department of Real Estate clearance.
  • The name you select represents and sells your subdivision to draw in customers.
  • It also increases the inherent value of your properties and creates leads.

Hence, naming your subdivision should be a top priority! 

Name your subdivision with these tips

We successfully finalized a great subdivision name for my friend and impressed by my work, he recommended my help to many of his friends. So, everyone kept asking me for tips to name their subdivisions! If you are also looking for some tips to name, here are some: 

  • Make sure you choose a cool name that has a welcoming approach for people to buy your subdivision.
  • The name of your subdivision should accurately reflect who you are marketing to. 
  • Avoid naming your subdivision after a neighboring town. This will confuse people and hinder property promotion.

What makes them so appealing? 

Do you ever what\’s so special about these names that we get attracted right away? Well, II thought this to myself and when I got the answer, I thought of sharing it with all of you too! The natural world served as the source of creativity for each of these names. and employs it in order to produce a name that evokes feelings of memorability, exclusivity, and community.

We also enjoy them because of how straightforward they are. Additionally, this name explains what is exceptional about your neighborhood or subdivision, which makes it even more unique!