STOP Places When Traveling Around Slough By Car

Whether you live in Slough or just came here as a tourist, you can easily find a place to stay, to eat, to shop, and many interesting places to see around Slough. There are so many activities for the whole family or for the company of friends or colleagues. Of course, the best way of traveling is by car. If you have only two travelers, you will hire 1 car.

As a rule, it is recommended to take 4 passengers per standard car. You can change the number of travelers and the number of cars to fit your situation. 9-seater car hire in Slough can give you the best variants of minivans, 7 and 9-seaters. Driving one car is better than control driving two or three instead.

There are plenty of places to see and visit around Slough. The advantages of a car trip are obvious. You can stop whenever you want and go hiking, cycling, or arrange a picnic in the local park. Just make the route and check the places you want to visit in the region.


TOP tourist places you should visit when traveling in Slough

Every country or city has a special place or places that are mostly recommended to visit. You should know that Slough and the surrounding area is a huge territory, consisting of small and big villages, towns, farms, and parks. Planning to spend your weekend in Berkshire, you badly need to hire a car to organize your time. That’s a given that most of the places you’ll see in Berkshire are connected with the Royal Family. So, where to go?

1. Go to see Windsor Castle

This legendary place is British heritage. Also, this is the oldest and, probably, the largest castle in the world, where the Royal family still lives. No worries if you know nothing about the local history. You can read from different sources that this castle serves as a family house and has been serving for more than 1 000 years. Of course, you can’t get inside without special tickets and during the excursion hours. Some areas in the castle are open for visitors, the others are not. Who lives here? Windsor Castle is a home for Her Majesty the Queen and more than 600 people who live and work in this territory. Walking around, never miss visiting the ancient chapel and the most beautiful park.

2. Go to see Baylis Park & Memorial

This historical place will amaze you with its beautiful and well-cared territory. Baylis Park is a large historic park with a Baylis House in the middle. From the very beginning that was the home of the Dean of Eton College. Then, the building was used as a school and a hotel. Later, the territory was owned by the local Council and now it is used as the best parkland ever. The Council restored the park, the pond, and has created the most admirable place to walk in for locals and tourists. What natural attractions does the territory include? 

You can see a beautiful house and a big green garden around. Also, you can walk at the pond, called the Wildfowl pond. There are play areas and a large territory for picnicking groups. The park welcomes visitors 24 hours a day. Drive your car through Belfast Avenue and park it at Pool Lane.


3. Spend your day in the Curve

What is the Curve? This is a unique combination of many attractions in one place. First of all, this is a big library with both, traditional books and online opportunities. Also, this is a huge exhibition center with cafes, learning and communication spaces. Also, there is a play zone for kids and a babysitting service for busy parents. The Curve is a unique multi-purpose space with many opportunities for modern people. Visitors often come here to see the night shows and concerts, films, and conferences.

Here are three main steps you should make during your family or friendly weekend in Slough and around. This beautiful place is also popular for corporate meetings and conferences. The car hire opportunities are wide and you can easily find a car of the proper size and rate online or at the airport. Have a productive weekend!


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