Unveil The In-Depth Information Regarding Spellbreak Combos: The Best Combos And List!

Spellbreak is something like an action game PUBG if it was developed in awestruck quality graphics like in avatar. Yes! It is pretty cool, and it features the best and deepest spellbreak combos system in any game out there. But this is one of the most challenging and complex battles royales have ever made.

Such a fantastic game has recently been launched, and it is free to play the game on PS4, Xbox, Windows, and Nintendo. Here, the players will get the switch with full cross-play support, and it is all set to hit the stride with an enhanced player base. It is energized by the extended beta period that has seen an incredible enthusiasm.

How does the spell break best combo works? What is the finest gauntlet combo to run? Find out the answers to these questions here. We have gone through all of the special effects that the players will generate during hurling various spells at one another with murderous intent. Moreover, there are several more informative factors that you must know about spell break combos and more.

Spellbreak Combos Tier List! 

Here we are with the list of the combos in the spell break of different types: ice, stone, toxic, wind, fire, and lightning combination, and these are the finest combos present in spell break.

The players can feel free considering the youtube spell break combos. These can be helpful for them as well. Read the following details to learn more about different combos and traits; if they aren\’t helpful, then. 

Spellbreak Combos Tier List!

Spellbreak Fire Combos: – 

The players are going to get a broader range of combos like thunder breaker combos, but here we are going to discuss the fire combos. The fire is as fire does, which means an AOE explosion and burning DPS.

The fire is one of the initial spells; this is the standard project with a small AOE and sorcery. The flame wall is the crowd-control-oriented wall of the flame that is usually erupting horizontally before the caster. Let\’s have a look below to unveil the awestruck combos. 

  • Fireball + toxic cloud/Toxic puddles: –

The fireballs ignite toxic clouds into the Dragonfire\’s explosions, which can deal with significant damage over 2 ticks.

  • Fireball + Ice puddles: – 

The fireballs melt ice puddles when they come in contact; they leave behind the short-lived steam puddles, on the other hand.

  • Fireball + tornado: – 

Fireballs that clip the AOE pull off the tornado that will have their flight path altered significantly. While the things that will hit tornado directly, it will set up ablaze that will create the fire tornado that is proficient in burning during pulling the players.

  • Flamewall/flame puddles + shockwave: – 

The shockwaves capable of passing through the flame puddles or ignited flame walls will leave the fire trail, which is competent in creating the flame puddles and the shockwave.

  • Flamewall/flame puddles + Toxic shots: – 

Moreover, the flame puddles and the flame walls become Dragonfire which is struck by toxic shots; it deals with substantial damage upon the contact.

NOTE: Such an effect is separate from the interaction of the fire and the toxic clouds, which is going to make Dragonfire explosions; when it is ignited, then going to extinguish the flames.

Spellbreak Stone Combos: –

The stone employs an interesting, high-reward playstyle, high-risk that is going to pay dividends for the players who are getting good timing and accuracy. The primary spell is proficient in activating the fast traveling fissure that shoots out at the ground and hits quite hard.

Spellbreak Stone Combos

But keep in mind that you must target on the ground. The sorcery hurls the giant boulder to quickly soar the massive distances and easily grow in size during the airborne. It is allowing the users to act something like a long-range artillery strike. Have a look below to reveal more about some of the finest combos.

  • Shockwave + flamewall/flame puddles: –

The shockwave can easily ignite by the flame puddles or the flame walls to generate a fire trial that can easily create the flame puddles when it travels.

  • Shockwave + ice puddles/block: – 

The shockwave is capable of shattering the ice puddles and the blocks while making the ice mists.

  • Boulderfall + fireball: – 

Boulders hit by the fireballs will become the meteors that can explode and make an enormous flame puddle on the impact.

  • Boulderfall + ice bolt/flash freeze: –

The boulders hit by the ice bolts or which can pass through the flash freeze will become the icebergs capable of exploding and leaving behind the ice mist as an impact.

  • Boulderfall + wind shear: – 

Wind shear can speed up or slow down a boulder on the contact while allowing the players to extend or reduce the skill range easily.

Spellbreal Ice Combos: –

Now probably, you must be wondering What is the best gauntlet in Spellbreak? The frost gauntlet is oriented to the long-distance sniping, it is a primary spell, and ice lance can behold to create the unique zoom effect that can help users pick players.

The ice lance will create the ice puddles on the impact that has reduced friction to make slippage, quite fittingly, and if you used it perfectly with more innovative moves, then a movement speed buff. 

The sorcery or the flash freeze is the massive AOE stun cast around the players, and it works great as a hardcore CC disengage. Check out the following points to reveal the list of spell break best combos with ice

Spellbreal Ice Combos
  • Ice lance + fireball: – 

Both the fireballs and ice lance can easily neglect each other\’s contact while creating steam.

  • Ice lance + flame wall/fall puddles: –

The ice lance shots are going to extinguish any flame wall unit or the flame puddle.

  • Ice lance + boulderfall: –

The boulders hit with an ice lance that will become the icebergs later on, which can explode and leave the ice mist as an impact.

  • Ice lance + toxic cloud: – 

Getting hit by an ice lance directly will freeze the toxic cloud into the massive ice block, which can be quickly exploded or electrified.

  • Water/ice/ steam puddles + lightning: – 

The ice, steam, or water puddles hit by lightning can be conveniently electrified and create the small AOE shocks that might stun the players.

Spellbreak Toxic Combos: – 

The toxic-like fire performers are expected to the poison-style gameplay to behave. A bulk of DoT stacking and trap-setting is going on along with the high-skill floor and roof/ceiling.

The toxic\’s spray, primary spell, spits out the medium-ranged burst of the toxic that puddles on the floor, and DoT comes and contact with it. The sorcery move is the toxic cloud that is way too big an AOE bomb. Take a look here to know more: –

  • Toxic spray + flash freeze: – 

When you pass through the flash freeze zone, the toxic spray projectiles and becomes icicles proficient in functioning as a standard ice lance.

  • Toxic spray + ice puddles: –

The toxic spray projectiles can easily convert the usual ice puddles into the toxic ones that will last longer, and they can slow the movement speed and deal with DoT.

Spellbreak Toxic Combos
  • The toxic spray/toxic puddles + lightning: – 

The toxic spray projectiles and becomes electrified upon contact with lightning; it can create the electrified toxic puddles that shock players during contact.

  • Toxic spray + tornado: – 

The toxic spray projectiles that the score directly hit the tornado, which will be converted into the toxic whirlwind, will be ignited in order to create the vast vertical explosion.

  • Toxic spray + flamewall/flame puddles: –

Moreover, the toxic spray goes to the projectile and will consume during the contact with the flame wall or puddles while converting it into a more powerful Dragonfire.

Let\’s Have A Look At Some Frequently Asked Questions: – 

What Are All The Spells In Spell break?

The players can get an incredible range of different spells like a lightning bolt, ice lance, fireball, toxic spray, wind shear, and shockwave.

What Is The Best Loadout In Spell break?

The best spell break gauntlet is the lightning, fire, toxic spay, wind shear, stone, and more. But players usually prefer considering the lightning one as they found it is better than the others.

Which One Is Better Scathing Mage VS Burning Spellweave?

The burning spell wave is better than the scathing one; the scathing mage needs direct contact for the critical damage so, the DoT-type damage will not help the players. 

What Are Runes Of Magic Class Combos? 

What Is The Best Loadout In Spell break

The players will get a broader range of different combos but have enlisted them to help them out.

  • Fire and wind
  • Wind and toxic
  • Ice and lightning
  • Ice and fire
  • Fire and stone
  • Wind and lightning

The Final Words 

We help the explanation mentioned above have helped the readers to get to know more about different combos of spell break. The players are going to get a wide variety of combos that are readily available for them.

But in order to conquer the game, they must have adequate information regarding different combos and what will happen if they prefer making it. At the points elaborated above, we can try our best to provide readers with sufficient knowledge about various spell break combos in each possible aspect.

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