Should Men Wear Flip Flop Shoes?

Are flip flop shoes for men a good fashion choice? Ladies\’ shoe fashion has always been associated with flip flop shoes. Most ladies will have at least a couple of pairs of flip flop\’s in their shoe cupboard. They are comfortable, and a pair of good quality flip shoes look stylish.

It does make you wonder why men are reluctant to wear flip flop shoes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that men are not sure how to wear flip flops or when to wear them.

How To Wear Flip Flop Shoes

A pair of flip flop shoes for men are not only something that you slip on when you come out of the pool or shower, they are right for almost any occasion.

It all depends on what you wear with your flip shoes. A pair of good quality flip flop shoes look great together when worn with slacks or cotton chinos. Of course, they also look great with shorts and Bermuda shorts.

When Should You Wear Flip Flop?

We all know that flip flop shoes are right for home wear. But, that does not mean that you shouldn\’t wear them on other occasions.

You may not want to drive in them, but there is no reason why you can\’t walk around the supermarket in a pair of good quality flip flop shoes. Women have done it for ages. They drive to the store in their driving shoes, and then put on a pair of flip flops for walking around the shopping centre or mall.


Can you wear them to a party? There is absolutely no reason why you should not wear your flip flop shoes to an informal party. A pair of flip flop shoes will give you an approachable look and make you feel more relaxed.

Flip flop shoes for men are both stylish and comfortable. You owe it to your feet to add at least one pair to your shoe collection.