1249+Unique Server Name Ideas: Creative Server Names Examples

People remember your website more if you have a good server name to catch eyeballs. Server names should be unique in the sea of thousand names, along with a cool, catchy, and funny unit to them.

However it\’s not a big task to come up with such names, the difficult point is to have a name that reflects your website equally as per the content you\’ll provide and as per the attraction point to the viewers.

So if you are struggling to be on the exact chapter of server names, you have landed the perfect place. We have brought you this article compiled of Discord server names and server name ideas.

Good Discord Server Names

If you know the targeted audience, then you can use their interest as your server name too.

Consider your targeted audience is teenagers, hence your server can be around teenagers.

Eg-  Teenage, Growing Kids, Teensolutions, etc

You\’ll find here some amazing discord server names below.

Deadly EyesGreen LaneGigaTux WebdigiAffinity Hosting
Untrusted LoveInvestis DigitalAKL WEB HOST LIMITEDMarmalade ikon
NIMBLER Xes Of XFront FightersHoist -The good hosting companyWeb Hosting Hub
Drifted CarsBeta LeaguesInvestis DigitalFlyin Dedicated Servers
Atomic Design NashvilleFantastic 90Lamb Creative MarketingDigimax Dental Marketing
LeasewebHelpless PuppyAussie Web DesignSmartNet Solution
Rural HeroesAppy MonkeyDocklands Cloud HostingSpark Marketer
Happiness Is HereSuperior DaysScala Hosting LLCAtomic Design Nashville
Alone LoversCreativeness GroupThe Positive Internet CompanyThe Good Folk
Gracious GroupBringing You HereGrappo HostingStrange Bird Media
TechTruce StaxGrapefruit DigitalDigital Potion SelestiTibus Verasseti
Bluestorm iGaming RecruitmentEdge Hosting InternetseJust web HostingStorm Host Leaseweb
DePalma StudiosQuantum Branding AgencyLocomotion Creative Trust CorpBrighter HostToast
PrimeXeon LimitedAkendi Bold HostIngic DesignHostingsource
Cergis SoftwareH1SKS Web StudiosWeeb Digital DashfloInstinct Studios
Elpro Hosting CompanyAdeo Digital Marketing AgencyFusionHost LtdNetulip Hosting
Speak Creative NashvillePlug & Play Web DesignKrystal HostingTelstra Squarespace
Dsgn One Web designOne Big CompanyInterserver D3RRise Hosting Blackglass
SupaDupa Me Reliable NetworksCabedge DesignCodea softwareBloomsbury
Donna McMasterLevel60 ConsultingA2 HostingHostess KD Web
Creative MindsUnder The HoodWorld Of YouthQuest Of Love
Bluestorm iGamingDenmark Fashion ClubYour Star HereExtremely Sensitive
Quantum Branding AgencyReliable NetworksBear Web DesignCool Discord User
Magnetic Creative ServicesSuper-Duper UpdatesApp DevelopersCoolest Discord Users
Rise HostingServerMania Data CentreSupaDupa MeOut of House
Good Discord Server Names
  • ikon
  • AristoMedia
  • Hostezza
  • KD Web
  • Lamb Creative Marketing
  • Ocean Hostia
  • Passion Digital
  • Telstra
  • Squarespace
  • Iconic Digital
  • Strange Bird Media
  • Affinity Hosting
  • Atomic Design Nashville
  • Hoist -The good hosting company
  • Netulip Hosting
  • A2 Hosting
  • Collide
  • Appy Monkey
  • Scala Hosting LLC.
  • Borne Digital
  • Aussie Web Design
  • QualiSpace
  • Hostee
  • Debunc
  • PulseHost
  • The Positive Internet Company
  • Hostingsource
  • Web Hosting Hub
  • Ingic Design
  • Brighter
  • HostToast
  • Spark Marketer
  • Rise Hosting
  • Blackglass
  • Out of House
  • Codea software
  • Bloomsbury
  • vXtream LTD
  • The Good Folk
  • Interserver
  • D3R
  • Flyin Dedicated Servers
  • Weeb Digital
  • Docklands Cloud Hosting
  • Investis Digital
  • Digimax Dental Marketing
  • Storm Host
  • Leaseweb
  • Webdigi
  • Grappo Hosting

Awesome Server Names

Look at our suggestions for you, and refresh your mind with more ideas.

Aussie Web DesignAmpheon LimitedDsgn One Web designWatering Can Media
Dear To DawnEnergetic HummingKriti’s LoveFroggy Group
Crunchy GroupAngels Of WorldGrapefruit DigitalInstinct Studios
Clever Girls OnlyBetter At OutfitsBullhorn MediaKing Knight
Ironada HumbleFamous SkylinersInsta KingsBetter At Food
Thunders Of GreedHighness GroupCommand NameNameoont
Birdeye HumansGolden Spiral MarketingPiece IdeasTreehouse Name
Alchemist StudiosNashville SEO CompanyFlash NameServerster
Versatile HacksMad Max Furry RoadsLink ServerNouveau Name
Morning BluesGreatness WithinServeriumController Name
Being A Fashion LoverBetter Than EverWhole IdeasMobile Ideas
Yep To DreamsGreen HomiesHole NameForage Server
Grow CombineWeb Hosting CanadaBaked ServerCoastal Server
National Tea GroupJoint VenturesTruth NameSmart Name
Cute SnipersDragon EyesIdeasaholicLock Ideas
ServeraroMe ServerWedge NameFiery Server
Fury NameOmega ServerStake ServerCater Name
Elevate ServerBinary NameSmack IdeasMach Server
Tasteful NameMega IdeasSynthetic NameChop Server
NameadoraIntellect ServerScrumptious ServerIdeaszen
Wagon NameIdeasopediaBot IdeasNameopolis
Yummy IdeasSonic NameCrispy IdeasCatalyst Server
Bot NameBarge ServerFeast NameIdeasara
Divine ServerNamesioAugur IdeasHotspot Ideas
Feed NameServerbeaFix ServerEdge Name
Awesome Server Names
  • TechTruce
  • Stax
  • DePalma Studios
  • Dashflo
  • Fluent
  • Jori White
  • Ignite
  • Plug & Play Web Design
  • Just web Hosting
  • Locomotion Creative
  • Dsgn One Web design
  • SupaDupa Me
  • Elpro Hosting Company
  • Reliable Networks
  • Trust Corp
  • Grapefruit Digital
  • One Big Company
  • Serverspace
  • Speak Creative Nashville
  • Cergis Software
  • Akendi
  • Bold Host
  • H1SKS Web Studios
  • Instinct Studios
  • Edge Hosting
  • PrimeXeon Limited
  • Internetse
  • Level60 Consulting
  • Tibus
  • Verasseti
  • Cabedge Design
  • Krystal Hosting
  • Donna McMaster
  • Adeo Digital Marketing Agency
  • Digital Potion
  • Selesti
  • Bluestorm iGaming Recruitment
  • Quantum Branding Agency
  • DevDigital
  • Psionic-Studios
  • Site-Shack
  • Evolve Design
  • Web Solutions NYC
  • Web Hosting Canada
  • Web
  • Sibra
  • Skyron
  • Rackspace
  • iTransact Ltd
  • Blue Sky
  • COAL
  • Bear Web Design
  • Platform Twenty Ltd
  • Grow Combine
  • Brady Mills

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Server Name Examples

Tip:- You can name your server basically after anything, but try to be specific. Don\’t go for something hard to either spell or pronounce.

Check the list below.

NamefluentScrumptious IdeasCaptain NameLuminous Server
ServeradoraSign IdeasNamedoSuperior Ideas
Graphics NameTruth ServerSecure ServerHot Name
NamegenixPalate NameDiced ServerSpicy Server
Citron IdeasSpices ServerCaptain IdeasNetwork Server
Chopped ServerIntrepid NameZone IdeasAlpha Ideas
Expression ServerServerxHole NameDigital Server
IdeasadoraPalace ServerOverdrive IdeasSky Server
Grill ServerIdeasazaExcel ServerGusto Ideas
Roll NameServergenicsHyper NameTreehouse Server
Alt IdeasMacro IdeasLucha IdeasFramework Name
Dockside NameHilltop ServerLucha NameAmbrosial Ideas
Munchies IdeasAgile IdeasBit ServerHole Ideas
Lock NameRelish ServerCitron NameBoard Ideas
Grill ServerBay NameConnoisseur ServerBash Ideas
Smoke NameHungry IdeasDivine IdeasOperator Ideas
Automate NameAutomate IdeasFiesta IdeasGrill Ideas
Cantina IdeasHerbed IdeasGrove ServerDev Server
Desire ServerStack IdeasLion ServerNovus Ideas
Minty IdeasDockside IdeasBang IdeasCommand Ideas
Forage ServerMach IdeasShift IdeasDiced Server
Classics IdeasOperation NameCondition NameHot Ideas
Crave ServerBro ServerNouveau NameSmash Server
Savor NameConnect NameHotspot IdeasIntellect Server
Forage NameBazaar NameBay IdeasCoastal Server
Server Name Examples
  • Marketing Eye
  • Atiba Hosting, LLC
  • Byter
  • Cinnamon Entertainment Group
  • ButterHost
  • Appmonkeys
  • Bridge Fibre
  • Golden Spiral Marketing
  • Netscan
  • Ampheon Limited
  • WaveFX
  • ServerMania Data Centre
  • Inertia Digital Marketing
  • MatterMind Hosting Company
  • End Point Corporation
  • Paramore Digital
  • Tiny Shark
  • Abudist Mediatech
  • Above Host
  • G5 Media
  • Bullhorn Media
  • Voxility
  • Hostbox
  • MedForward
  • Animade
  • Titan Web Marketing Solutions
  • Simple Design Websites
  • Nashville SEO Company
  • Magnetic Creative Services
  • Datapipe
  • Stanton Shallcross
  • Clarity CB1
  • Creative Warehouse
  • GreenNet Ltd
  • Hosting Karma
  • TEMPUS Cloud Limited
  • babyHost
  • Quantum Business Consulting
  • Alchemist Studios
  • CentralNic Ltd
  • Ember Media
  • Onespacemedia
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • CSL Web
  • LTD Design Consultants
  • Hostrack
  • Lime Creative
  • CloudSpace
  • Vertical Web
  • Chaos Design
  • Watering Can Media
  • Bluedata
  • HostMode
  • Avenue Design
  • Go4ace
  • GreenGeeks
  • The Mobile App Developers
  • Springs Hosting
  • T-One Tech
  • Digital-Dreams
  • Yo Yo Hosting
  • Encane Ltd
  • Anderson Design Studio

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Server Name Generator

Naming your website can be correctly coordinated once you have a proper relationship between your content and the audience.

Keep your mind open while surfing through names henceforth you can capture more ideas.

 These are some of the names generated by server name generators.

Hungry NameModular ServerServed NameModular Ideas
Lock NameSavor ServerClassics ServerPort Ideas
Hover NameService ServerAppetite NameHilltop Ideas
Elevate ServerSpices NameGrub ServerBot Server
Edge NameAgile ServerContinuum NameFlavor Server
Cut NameTakeout NameWrap NameAlgorithm Ideas
Synthetic NameJoyous ServerCave NameBang Ideas
Intrepid NameDomain IdeasModel ServerLock Name
Lounge ServerInfo ServerFix IdeasHideaway Name
Basket ServerFlash ServerIlluminate ServerBarons Ideas
Central ServerData ServerLoop IdeasCoastal Server
Secure ServerIntuition ServerStake ServerCarte Ideas
Bit IdeasBasket IdeasGiga IdeasDock Name
Hack IdeasDiced IdeasLoop ServerFed Name
Bazaar ServerBusters NameChef ServerMega Name
Acclaimed IdeasPerfection ServerDine ServerSecret Name
Hearty NameTec ServerNest ServerRelish Server
Festive IdeasHideaway IdeasEdge NameDisk Name
Linear IdeasGalore IdeasWire NameGala Name
Yummy NameModule IdeasPort ServerServed Server
Sprint NameAgile NameOmega ServerCondition Name
Core NameClassics NameCommand IdeasWish Server
Uptown ServerAroma ServerForage NameAcumen Ideas
Hideaway ServerBro ServerContinuum IdeasLane Server
Gala IdeasNouveau NameCatalyst NameOptimize Name
Server Name Generator
  • Creative Ideas
  • ServerMania Data Centre
  • Famous Skyliners
  • Energetic Humming
  • Rise Hosting
  • Dear To Dawn
  • Your Star Here
  • Jori White
  • Blasters
  • Digital-Dreams
  • Very Friendly
  • Borne Digital
  • PulseHost
  • Great To Live
  • Alone Yet Cool
  • Reliable Networks
  • Bluestorm iGaming
  • Last Hopefuls
  • Unlawfulness
  • Junior’s World
  • Angels Of World
  • Curse Yourself
  • Clever Girls Only
  • Ironada Humble
  • Aussie Web Design
  • Magnetic Creative Services
  • Junior Of Work
  • HostMode
  • Ignite
  • Rocking The Community
  • Dear To Everyone
  • Hostee
  • Kim’s Lovers
  • Arranged Lovelies
  • Creative Warehouse
  • ButterHost
  • All Is Well
  • Underrated Lines
  • Dreamy Dads
  • Chevrolet Lovers
  • Baby Girls
  • Great Leaders
  • Just Fashion
  • Edge Hosting
  • Aiming High
  • TechTruce
  • Web Work
  • Bloomsbury
  • Sharing With Care
  • Better Fights
  • Marketing Eye
  • Four Seasons
  • Lost World
  • Debunc
  • Fun Guys
  • Perverts Here
  • iTransact Ltd
  • Gangs Here
  • Real Life
  • Super Guys Group
  • My Funny World
  • Supermoon
  • Daring Cuties
  • Interserver

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Discord Server Name Generator

If you like more names from the list, try to combine all the names or select words from each name. This can give you varied options.

 Try to add some funny and witty structure if the formal tone isn\’t your fit. This also helps to simplify the process of finding cool names.

Grub NameSecret ServerControl NameReboot Ideas
Net IdeasDynamics ServerSquared IdeasCommand Name
Core ServerShift IdeasBazaar ServerTraditional Server
Citron ServerCompact IdeasOptimize IdeasPoint Server
Micro ServerPixel IdeasRanch ServerStrip Server
Script NameCheck NameBaby NameDomain Name
Domain NameTasty ServerPower IdeasTruth Name
Virtual ServerExpression ServerChef ServerNest Name
Stake IdeasFuel ServerOperator IdeasJoyous Server
Key ServerPixel NameDynamics IdeasForce Name
Garnish IdeasFramework ServerEngine NameGusto Name
Edge ServerCater NameSmart IdeasHungry Server
Tetra ServerRubicon IdeasGala NamePresto Name
Fine ServerPiece ServerWish ServerRank Server
Tasteful ServerFlavor NameGarnish ServerContinuum Server
App NameModule IdeasInfo ServerAllocate Server
Stack ServerMe NameCatalyst IdeasGnaw Name
Hot ServerAcclaimed IdeasGiga IdeasVirtual Ideas
Intellect ServerFantasy IdeasPlace NameAppetite Name
Forage IdeasSmack IdeasTetra IdeasInteractive Ideas
Takeout IdeasCondition NameCater ServerVariable Ideas
Dip IdeasSoft IdeasDynamics ServerReservation Server
Ranch IdeasPiece IdeasFusion IdeasEdulis Server
Aroma NamePing IdeasSavor ServerWire Ideas
Abstract NameMunchies NameCookie IdeasMinty Name
Discord Server Name Generator
  • Premium Content
  • Crunch Munch
  • Butcher Guys
  • Internetse
  • Royal Randoms
  • Chicks Only
  • Free Fun Family
  • Cinnamon Entertainment Group
  • Better At Gardening
  • Perfect Purity
  • Direct From Heart
  • Netscan
  • Marriage Group
  • Growing Useless
  • Pure Grenade
  • Believers Here
  • Current Players
  • Cute Baby Pics
  • Bold Host
  • Grinding Minds
  • Quest Of Love
  • Collide
  • Coolest Discord Users
  • SupaDupa Me
  • Bullhorn Media
  • Watering Can Media
  • World Of Youth
  • Cool Discord User
  • Grapefruit Digital
  • The Grace
  • Froggy Group
  • King Knight
  • App Developers
  • Bear Web Design
  • Kriti’s Love
  • Insta Kings
  • Instinct Studios
  • Out of House
  • A2 Hosting
  • Dsgn One Web design
  • Better At Food
  • G5 Media
  • Clarity CB1
  • Extremely Sensitive
  • Skyron
  • Pure Gold Girls
  • The Sleepers
  • Better To Life
  • Stanton Shallcross
  • Rare Rules

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Cool Discord Server Names

While finalizing a certain name, make sure you have already checked every possible name. More options will help me be more accurate towards your server name. Don\’t go for something which isn\’t SEO optimized, because ultimately our server\’s motto is traffic attraction.

Take a look at these cool Discord server names.

Pixel IdeasFlame ServerVeritas IdeasFreeze Name
Dine IdeasSurge ServerConnoisseur NameGnaw Server
Macro NameNovus NameSpicy IdeasModular Server
Variable NameHack IdeasNixon ServerDivine Name
Crispy IdeasFeast ServerWave ServerBang Ideas
Connoisseur IdeasWhole IdeasChef IdeasFeast Ideas
Optimize NameLounge IdeasHot ServerSpices Name
Magma IdeasHyper NamePalace ServerLord Ideas
Upscale IdeasStake IdeasWired IdeasFuel Server
Barge NameYou NameLoop IdeasIntrepid Ideas
Model ServerIlluminate IdeasCubed ServerRelish Name
Network NameAlgorithm IdeasCellar IdeasSumo Name
Wish IdeasAcumen ServerDished ServerRubicon Name
Overdrive IdeasCheck NameAlt NameSavor Ideas
Sign ServerChop ServerBaby IdeasDesire Ideas
Reboot ServerRevolution NameBit NameFuel Name
Pixel NameVista IdeasGala IdeasTale Server
Part IdeasPing ServerCrisp NameDomain Ideas
Macro NameJoyous ServerCuts NameIntellect Name
Overwrite NameCore IdeasInfinity IdeasBang Name
Purist IdeasAir IdeasSprint ServerFiber Server
Split ServerFrame NameEdulis IdeasLogic Ideas
Access IdeasFantasy ServerPresto NameCantina Name
Cater IdeasPlace NameAlt ServerProgrammatic Server
Tale IdeasGrub ServerSizzle IdeasMunchies Server
Cool Discord Server Names
  • Clever Daughters
  • Simple Design 9X
  • Web Digital
  • My Queens
  • Arranged Chats
  • Indic Design
  • Granted Love
  • Cooling Fans
  • Very Hot Here
  • Design Consultants
  • Oval World
  • Originally The Hot
  • Lamb Creative Marketing
  • For Cool Boys
  • Awesomely Cute
  • WaveFX
  • Extra Hard Guys
  • Titan Web Marketing Solutions
  • Worldwide Fun
  • Kutest Krab
  • Creative Directors
  • Happy Birthdays
  • Go4ace
  • COAL
  • Dashflo
  • Originally Perfect
  • Current Updates
  • Super Discord Users
  • Krystal Hosting
  • The Helpers Group
  • Beloved Ones Only
  • Bridge Fibers
  • Passion Digital
  • Strange Bird Media
  • Mysterious Group
  • Hosting Source
  • Super Duper Updates
  • Denmark Fashion Club
  • Creative Minds
  • Better At Outfits
  • Dev Digital
  • Crunchy Group
  • Brilliant Brothers
  • Ampheon Limited
  • American Soldiers
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Ember Media
  • Funny Ness
  • Quantum Branding Agency
  • Under The Hood

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Discord Server Name Ideas

Things to remember while naming your server:-

  • Use simple names yet powerful and catchy
  • Check out server names before finalizing
  • Keep it SEO optimised
  • Adapt formal tone
  • Select the proper domain name
  • Be specific about your niche
Nibble IdeasBasket ServerIntellect IdeasAbstract Server
Perfection ServerAutomate ServerCloud NameFactory Name
Agile NameZone NameIntuition ServerLuminous Name
Truth IdeasChroma IdeasBash ServerBit Name
Info ServerSurface IdeasTale NameBit Name
Reservation IdeasSurface ServerReboot IdeasSmoke Ideas
Joyous IdeasSmoke ServerKey IdeasCyper Ideas
Flame IdeasMicro ServerCheck NameOverdrive Name
Shift NameChop IdeasBrew ServerAtlas Name
Virtual ServerOperator NameMecha IdeasStake Name
Vision IdeasTale ServerLogic NamePort Ideas
Reservation IdeasLion IdeasStake IdeasIconic Name
Local IdeasNetwork ServerInfo ServerOverdrive Server
Feast ServerTasty IdeasNest IdeasReboot Server
Ambrosial NameReservation NameCommand NameSafety Name
Devine ServerFodder ServerHerbed IdeasAladdin Name
Model IdeasPresto ServerGrill IdeasStory Server
Captain NameBazaar ServerProgrammatic ServerArclight Ideas
Cookie IdeasArtificial IdeasSprint ServerNovus Server
Surge IdeasHot ServerDock NameFed Server
Veritas NameBay IdeasDevine IdeasBusters Ideas
Operation IdeasYummy IdeasGiga NameSavor Ideas
Grub NamePalate NameFramework NameCitron Server
Disk NameController NameWedge NameBusters Name
Uptown NameRank IdeasModular NameAgile Ideas
Discord Server Name Ideas
  • GigaTux
  • Apexure
  • sixteen media
  • FusionHost
  • 2idesign Ltd
  • SmartNet Solution
  • Web Work
  • Marmalade
  • Forever Fighters
  • National Agendas
  • Angel of Papa
  • Yo Yo Hosting
  • Extra Smarties
  • One Big Company
  • Kim Is Kim
  • Hoblle Lala
  • Serverspace
  • Last Hook
  • Mysterious Duck
  • Brilliant Minds
  • Lonely And Available
  • Extra Leverage
  • Squarespace
  • Jupiter Is Living
  • Webdigi
  • Alone To Be Happy
  • Arrogant Agents
  • Khardina Dates
  • Psionic-Studios
  • Your Last Hope
  • SmartNet Solution
  • Just Some Baking
  • Ground Breakers
  • Happiest Girls
  • Springs Hosting
  • QualiSpace
  • Rackspace
  • Kimara Chitor
  • Famous Flora
  • Hot Stars
  • New To Discord
  • Dear Of Earth
  • sixteen media
  • GigaTux
  • Great Grand Fun
  • Ocean Hostia
  • Super Dancers
  • Owls Of Sunlight
  • Hot Fashion Tips
  • Champions Of Leagues
  • Pubg Is Love

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Tip:- You can also try to use name generators to simplify this process, However, those names don\’t exhibit any life in them. You can add a little bit of your style to such names.


We hope this article has helped you. Don\’t forget to share it with your friends. If we missed out on any of your favorite names, mention those in the comments section and we\’ll be glad to read those. Read our similar articles too.

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