Secret Dungeons In Minecraft, Locations, And Scrolls To Unlock Them

These are the four secret dungeons of Minecraft Dungeons and the scrolls\’ location to unlock them.

Minecraft Dungeons, the spin-off of Mojang\’s top-rated game, leads us to explore dungeons alone or together, to fight with monsters and get the treasure. And every functional dungeon crawler also has some secret tales.

Specifically, there are four hidden dungeons that you must find their scrolls in a specific area to unlock, but keep in mind that since the dungeons are randomly generated, you may have to enter the dungeon several times to find these secret entrances.

Creepy Crypt: You will find this dungeon in the Forest of Creepers. Explore and find an alternative path that will lead you to a door with a button. Interact, go inside, and get the scroll that opens the dungeon for you, then you will have to fight against some creepers.


Archisantuario: Found in Pumpkin Pastures. Look for a small ship, which appears north of the great rift. It seems a few times, so you probably have to go in and out several times.

Soaked Cave: The scroll is found in Soaked Swamp. When exiting some caverns, consult the map. If you see a path leading down or to the left, you may be in luck. If not, you will have to restart the level. Follow the road until you find a camp, and later on, a temple where you will find the scroll. If you don\’t see that temple, you\’ll have to restart again.

Lower rooms: The parchment is in High-Block Rooms. Just take a few steps forward, go down the stairs to a smaller place where you will see two shields. Press with one of the shields to open the secret room.

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