A Comprehensive Guide To Know Everything About Seasonal Artifact Destiny 2

Here’s all about seasonal artifact destiny 2

For all Destiny 2 game fans, let us inform you that Season 16, The Season of Risen is here and it is here with a load of new content and especially seasonal artifacts.

The latest artifact in this season is the Synaptic Spear.

You might be wondering how to get and what to do with seasonal artifact destiny 2. Worry no more we have a fully equipped guide having all the details you need to know about Seasonal Artifacts in Destiny 2.

Synaptic Spear Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact Guide

Let us now discuss a little about this new artifact Synaptic Spear. The Synaptic Spear works in a very similar fashion as other artifacts in the previous seasons.

To unlock its mods you will require to earn experience. And experience can be earned by doing any kind of task or quest in the game. It is one of the best artifact of Destiny 2 till day. 

How Do You Use Seasonal Artifacts In Destiny 2?

You might be thinking, that now that you have got the seasonal artifact destiny 2, How does the seasonal artifact work? Well, we have the answer for you. 

Synaptic Spear Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact Guide

Every artifact point is required to unlock 1 mod. Seasonal artifacts basically provide the player with a Power bonus that increases as the player levels up the artifact. Apart from the power bonus, the artifact gains 1 atrifact point when it gets leveled up.

The seasonal artifact destiny 2 points can be further used to unlock mods for weapons and armor.  

How Do You level Up Seasonal Artifacts In Destiny 2?

Are you also thinking about leveling up Seasonal artifacts in Destiny 2? Well, here’s how you can do it. 

To level up your artifacts you need to earn XP through completing various activities such as Seasonal Challenges and Bounties. As you finish these activities, it will also level up your seasonal artifacts.

What Is The Best Artifact In Destiny 2?

There are several artifacts in Destiny 2. We will point out the 10 best artifacts that you can get in Destiny 2-

  • Suppressive Darkness
  • Suppression Mastery
  • Volatile flow
  • Suppressing Glaive
  • Psionic Forging II
  • Font of Might
  • Thermal Shock Plating
  • Psionic Forging I
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger
  • Overload Rounds

These are some of the best artifacts you can own in Destiny 2 and slay your enemies.

How To Equip Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact Mods?

In order to equip your artifact mods, you need to follow a few simple steps-

Step 1- Open the character screen.

Step 2- Select whichever pair of gauntlets you have already equipped.

Step 3-  Now select and equip the arms armor mod.

You will also be able to locate the ones that you have recently acquired as they will be highlighted in blue color. 

How To Equip Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact Mods?

How To Get Seasonal Artifact Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

To get the Beyond Light Seasonal Artifact one has to unlock it through the Vanguard Communications Quest.

It is found in a Tower in  Zavala’s Office. Here you are expected to get the Fang of Xivu Arath, one of the major artifacts in the Beyond the Light Season in Destiny 2. In the tower of Zavala, you will have to defeat the first boss to get the first artifact. 

How Do You Get Seasonal Artifacts 2 Season Of Arrivals?

Getting Seasonal artifacts in Season of Arrivals in Destiny 2 is not at all difficult. You can easily unlock them after completing the first mission and craft your first glaive at any difficulty level. 

However, the arrival which is also the introductory mission is also a very long quest and might take up to 40-50 mins, if you are playing on Legendary difficulty. 

Do You Need Season Pass For Seasonal Artifact?

Well, you might be wondering whether you require a season pass to get seasonal artifact destiny 2, then let us tell you that you do not need a season pass.

Unlike the Season of the Undying, seasonal artifacts do not require unlocking via the season’s pass. In this season you just need to complete a mission to unlock seasonal artifacts. 

It almost requires negligible effort as compared to the Season of Undying.

How Do You Get The Artifact Season 2 Of The Chosen Destiny?

In the season of Chosen Destiny unlocking the artifacts is equally easier. The Season of Chosen Artifact is automatically unlocked after the first mission is over in the Season of the Chosen Campaign.

As soon as you defeat the first boss in the first Battleground, you will need to pick up the Bell of Conquest. Just take it to the War Table in H.E.L.M to convert it into the first Seasonal artifact.

Where Do You Get Seasonal Artifacts In Destiny 2?

To get the seasonal artifacts in the current season of Destiny 2 you need to complete the first mission of The Witch Queen. In the first mission, players are required to get some other side artifacts like the Black Feet Artifact.

After getting it, players can take them to Ikora to get the latest Seasonal Artifact, the Synaptic Spear. 

Where Do You Get Seasonal Artifacts In Destiny 2?

What Is The Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact Splicer?

In the Season of Splicer, the major artifact is the Pandrome Cube. You need to overcome the first part of the Season of the Splicer campaign and after speaking with the Splicer Servitor, you can claim the artifact.

What Is The Seasonal Artifact Destiny 2 Worthy?

In the Season of Worthy, the major artifact is known as Warmind Khanjali. This artifact will help you to boost your character’s ability, improve your weapons and also increase your power level.

It works in a similar way as other artifacts in the previous seasons.


1.How do seasonal artifacts work?

In Destiny 2 it takes 1 artifact point to unlock 1 mod. Every seasonal artifact has a different set of mods that requires to be unlocked.

The seasonal artifact will disappear along with mods and the Power Bonus as soon as the season ends. 

2. What do you do with artifacts in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2 artifacts can be earned in every season through season pass or free quest and they can be used to get a Power bonus, which further increases as the player levels up the artifact.

3. Is the seasonal artifact-free Destiny 2?

Yes, the seasonal artifacts are completely free in Destiny 2. All you have to do is the season’s intro quest and you can have the artifacts.

4. How do you get seasonal artifact 2 beyond light destiny?

In The Beyond Light Destiny, the Artifact can be unlocked via the Vanguard Communications Quest. 

To get a new artifact here you have to own the Season of the Hunt at first.

To Summarize

Thus, in this guide, we hope we have been able to provide you with all the relevant information about seasonal artifact destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has become an increasingly popular game in the gaming community. And seasonal artifacts are very important components that are used to get Power bonuses for the players. 

Happy Gaming!

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