Resident Evil 8: Village Leaked For A Testing Session

Almost a month has passed since the last confirmed report of Resident Evil 8: Village, where those responsible often could not talk about certain things. We are just a few days away from August and there is little time left to see more about the game, but while we await the arrival of it it seems that new information is coming in the form of a rumor.

The enemies exhibit there are white in color, almost with decaying skin and tattoos on the face and hands, some of them wear an armor. They only talk about \”normal\” enemies, not werewolves, and they speak in a foreign language.

Some carry daggers, spears, swords, and even axes, but others are unarmed and launch and bite similar to Resident Evil 3, but other enemies will throw you to the ground and the one with the sword will have a special attack that will decapitate Ethan.


In one part of the session, Ethan already appears inside the castle, instead of being on the path that leads to the castle itself. Here Most of the rooms are lighted, but others very dark, the section that you see goes from the castle to a higher level and you will have to find a key for a door. After this, there is a boss who seems to dissolve into insects, chases Ethan, and has an audible laugh; he gives the \”witch\” a name and refers to her as Olga.

When opening a door, Olga launches a swarm of insects, but you can avoid themIn the boss\’s session, he grabs a torch to scare them and expose Olga, that\’s when he can be shot. After a bit, it will convert into a kind of spider, but it still maintains a human part; defeating it will melt and drop an item, but it will drop more bugs; by killing them, they will no longer attack the player as much.

It is curious because the weapons he claims can be seen are a pistol, a shotgun, and an unbreakable knife.

The old woman, seen in the trailer seems to be the merchant of the game, she is not an enemy, but she is described as: \”she has materials to sell and good rumors to share\”.

The new trailer is still slated for August, with new information on the story and another returning character to be revealed. In addition, they commented that the VR version of Resident Evil 8 Village continues, but they will not announce anything that Sony is ready.