Resident Evil 7: Mod To Play With The Family Guy Characters

The Griffin family joined the roster of characters available in Resident Evil 7 thanks to a mod.

Of all the crossovers and mods that may be available for Resident Evil 7, Family Guy would be one of the least indicated to appear in Capcom\’s game. Although that hasn\’t stopped a modder from putting the two together in a single product.

As you can see, the addition of the characters from the series created by Seth MacFarlane is strange, they do not match much with the aesthetics that the game wants to offer. Although that is arguably part of the charm of the mod since it\’s not every day that you play one of the most famous animated families on TV.


If you remember correctly, Family Guy is an animated series that has already made the leap to video games with the odd title for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, as well as Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles and has even reached smartphones with mobile games of different genres.

On the other hand, in Resident Evil 7 everything has come a long way in terms of graphic quality, and since it was not intended to be an animated series, the contrast is greater. Despite this, we leave you just below with the video that surely more than one person, likes one or both, will enjoy.

In addition, as you have seen in the video, the characters of the Griffin family are not the only ones who appear, some like Quagmire also makes an appearance.


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