Red Dead Redemption 2: At Last Cracked This Morning, Lasting Longer Than Most Denuvo

Yes, the rumors are true, after over 12 months on the PC market, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been smashed with credit being provided to two scene members. Empress as well as Mr. Goldberg decided to work with each other to eliminate rockstar’s layered DRM from the title. 

To say that pirates are amazed is a little of minimization as Red Dead Redemption 2 becoming cracked has shifted into a small legend. It is been sitting in boundaries for many days already. Yet the interesting feature is that Rockstar’s own version of DRM. and is supported via the new games of Rockstar Launcher. It has even outlasted numerous Denuvo protected titles. 


We of course will not be linking to any of such downloads. Though it is interesting to note. Rockstar’s own DRM managed to keep Red Dead Redemption 2 piracy-free for a much longer time with only Denuvo rivaling it. 

However, it is great news for fans. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the first game I ever backed on Steam. Because even though my PC surpasses even the recommended clarity. The game ran shockingly. 

If I can set the game for free, I will maybe muscle through the bad performance. I actually played via Red Dead Redemption. On the Xbox 360 more than 10 times. It was one of them. It, not my favorite game a few years before. 

Red dead amusingly, Marvel’s Avengers was from the lowest hits titles from pirate ones measured. It is by torrent trackers. Those that do download the titles fail to do many with the power that it could be tracking. 

The Conspiracy team, even recognized as CPY managed to re-crack Crysis Remastered. An aspect that has normally been lost in recent hubbub as Red Dead Redemption 2.