Rebranding Your Business and Giving it a New Name

Your business is going well, but there may be times when rebranding may be necessary. For example, if you are moving into a new target market, or if you are looking to diversify. When it comes to rebranding your business and giving it a new name, you may have lots of considerations you want to take on board. If you fail to do this, you may well underestimate the process, and end up doing damage to your business\’s existing name and reputation.

Here is a short guide on the importance of going through the rebranding process in order to ensure continued success in your business.

Why Rebranding and a New Name May be Necessary

To begin with, you need to focus on why a new name may be necessary. Simply deciding to change a business name is not a good enough reason; there has to be some driving force behind your decision. For example, are you freshening up your services and products? Are you moving to a new location and in search of a fresh start? Or, do you want to give your business a new name so it sounds less like that of your competitors? Rebranding and giving your business a new name can be a tedious process, and you need to be sure that you enter the process fully and wholeheartedly.

Involving Your Employees Along the Way

During the process of rebranding, your employees will play a key role. This means that they will feel less stressed or worried about the changes that lie on the horizon (and this is why reassurance will be pivotal). During the rebranding process, you may need to focus on showing your employees that you appreciate them, perhaps through an employee value proposition such as perks or even shares. Doing this is going to make them feel valued and appreciated, and it is going to show them that they play an important role in your business: both now, and moving forwards.

Having a Strategic Action Plan

Rebranding your business is no small task, and to ensure you cover all the necessary and legal obligations, you may find a strategic action plan useful. A strategic plan is going to break down what you must do and by when. It is going to help you carry out the correct procedures as and when required. Without a strategic plan in place, you may find that your energy and focus are not as directed or targeted as you need. This may then mean that the rebranding is not as successful as you want it to be.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Throughout the process of rebranding, and giving your business a new name, you must remember to focus on your audience and target market. Trust that has been built and established over a period of time must be maintained. Markets and audiences may be confused about why you are changing names, and they may need extra reassurance through this tricky and challenging period. Even though you are busy already, you still need to ensure your audience is kept engaged and informed at all times. If your audience or market is kept in the dark or excluded from changes, they may feel that they are not valued. As a result, you may find that this could have an impact on customer numbers, and ultimately on profits.


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