599+Best Ravens Name

Ravens Name, belonging to the corvid family i.e songbirds are intelligent birds who are quite massive in size. They have a lifespan of more than 10 years but if they are taken care of by humans, they can live as much longer as 30-40 years.

Their physical description includes a thick neck and shaggy throat. Like other birds belonging to the corvid family, they too have strong and large feet. They also have slender wings and a wedge-shaped tail.

Most of them are black in color but not all of them. You may confuse them with crows because of their color but they are soar in fights more like a hawk. Ravens Name can be as long as 25 inches and can have a 50-inch wingspan.

Names For Raven

Names For Raven

Ravens are smart and intelligent birds but they are not so well behaved in the cage. But if they are taught well they can be the most friendly bird.  It\’s hard to find a good name for exotic birds like ravens. But do not worry; we are sure it will get a lot easier when you will take a look at the chart below.

Here we present to you a list of cool ravens name that you might like and use.

BertokBeorthraramKangaNames Tease
BartramBrandubhBranduffeRaven Webs
BrendigedifrenFechineGemmaNames Fuel
BroinFeichMavisNames Hand
Raven TalesRaven OutrightForworksNamaholic
RavenadilFor StationRaven GoldenNames Shape
Names LaunchFor QueensFor BlackboardRaven Precision
Names SmartForopsNames QuestFor Oust
Raven RecoilRavenprismNamzoidFor Speedy
For SkywayFor LyticalRaven ParamaFor Dungeon
FororzoRaven LinearNames HeartRaven Underexpose
For LibraNames UrgeForgenixRaven Squad
Raven HeadquartersForsyFor RealmNames Smart
Names TelegraphRaven PalaceRavenoryxNames Backfield
Raven EsteemFor TuckFor DudeFor Cue
Names MoreFor PeachyNames SutraFor Ops
For AnticsNames SaffronFor EntranceFor Ensured
Names BitNames SourceFor EnjoyNames Bold
For SnapNamgenixRaven EnviroFor Soul
Names ExcelRaven InteractiveNames GigaNames Snapshot
Names BeginRavenifyRaven EverlastNames Design
RavencogNames EfficientFor ComfortRaven Horizon

Interesting Facts About Raven

Here are some interesting facts that you should know about ravens.

  • They are playful creatures who often surf, fly upside down and even somersault for fun.
  • Ravens are so smart that they can talk and sing. They have very deep voices for which they can sometimes mimic human language and sounds of other birds.
  • These birds are eat both plants as well as animals i.e omnivorous. They eat whatever they want to eat and often hunt their own prey for dinner. They can also dine on roadkill. They even sometimes also eat insects, seeds and eggs.
  • Ravens are the most clever and intelligent birds. They are often seen in pairs during their prey . These cunning birds, when they are at prey, often lure the parent birds away from the best to feed on the eggs.
  • Ravens were symbolically depicted in many literature and they were most6 used to depict the pain,sorrow and loneliness of the narrator.

Pet Raven\’s Name

Pet Raven\’s Name

Ravens Name are great birds and are worth keeping as pets. But it\’s different from other birds when it comes to naming a raven. As it is an exotic bird, not all names suits it. So here we have enlisted some of the best names that suits a raven.

FayBrandoKorbineNames House
CorbyRookeRennRaven Resort
CorbitBraneRemieNames Globe
BerdieRenwineRentonRaven Bent
BertBrammRenshawNames Gator
CowinCorbrynRoxburxyFor Host
CormackBernanneRuckhFor Nest
CorbennFehineIngramFor Absolute
Names HutRaven AirborneRaven FitNames Bro
Raven FrostNames ForumRaven ZillaRaven City
For EstateFor RelaxRaven PatentRaven Outright
Names FascinateFor NaturalFor RepairNames Development
Raven AkinRaven FanaticFor VirtueFor Variety
For AdoFor OptimumRaven MindFor Dynasty
For MilleniumNames ViperFor ShowerRaven Tags
For OpolisFor RefreshRaven BeastNames Perfect
Raven KisanNames ProsperNames ArkRaven Play
Raven ExposureNames InfoRaven EnergizeFor Imperial
Names BasketNames FleetRaven ShineFor Galore
Names ClaimFor ExertRaven LoungeRaven Assured
For SymbolRaven RainbowRaven StyleRaven Boost
Raven GuardianNames IfyNames PickerFor Syndicate
Names NeuroRaven InvisibleFor LiveFor Step
Names IgniterRaven FallRaven FaroRaven Siren
Names RailNames LeopardNames EraseFor Friends

More Facts About Raven Group

Do you know what is a group of ravens called? It\’s called unkindness or conspiracy. They are called so as they are considered creepy traditionally. Their genes are mostly the same as crows and are also considered the bitchiest of the crows because of their cunning nature.

Names That Mean Raven

Names That Mean Raven

We understand that it is the duty of the guardian to choose a name that is creative, uncommon yet appropriate.

But sometimes that becomes a tough task to do. So have gathered some of the names meaning raven.

BartramCrawfordChiveNames Playground
BeltrannWolframeCousousFor Impulse
BranoneRambettChanteyFor Mach
BranleyFiacharMegheNames Key
CorbinianJinzoGertieRaven Instant
CormaceKongaUsoaFor Matcher
Raven ReflexRaven WeightFor HeartNames Heroine
For TaleFor NurtureRaven DestinationNames Nest
Raven BloomingFor DawnNames ProjectFor Throw Down
For FirstNames FlowRaven FindRaven Incoming
For BrothersFor LineNames TalentFor Quality
Names MajorRaven NudeRaven VentureNames Form
Names TurboFor LogicFor CraterRaven Delta
For SootheFor GrandeNames MajestyFor Young
Raven MajesticFor WideNames HelpRaven Enhance
Names ConvertNames PickupFor NonstopRaven How
Raven BlendRaven HorizonNames FixRaven Source
Raven ActivatorNames DawnFor ExpressNames King
For HavocRaven BrightNames BuildRaven Bio
Raven OnlyFor LifeNames JuniperNames Sprinkle
For GlitterNames RoyalRaven UnityRaven Shack
Raven BackboneRaven AdviseFor RecoverRaven Alpha
Raven FantasyRaven ChronicleFor UpNames Counter
Names GlutRaven RegentNames ComfortRaven Lord
For PitFor CutsNames QualityRaven Society

Mythological Significance Of Raven

Do you know that Raven\’s name in mythology is associated with Apollo- the god of prophecy in mythology? They are considered to be symbols of bad luck and are also regarded as messengers of God in the mortal world.

We have heard in many mythological stories how the god Apollo sent a white raven to spy on his lover. But in spiritual meaning raven symbolizes wisdom, affection, fertility, and even death.

 Boy\’s Name That Means Raven

Boy\’s Name That Means Raven

Though Ravens are considered the symbol of bad luck and many tales portray that they are an evil omen, but it is known to everyone that they are the most clever and intelligent bird which also symbolizes wisdom and healing strength. So there are people who want to find names that mean raven for their loved ones.

If you are one of them, then we can absolutely help you with some names that are unique and attractive. You can totally use the best one you like.

CoganVelasscoOdinkrikFor Pals
HrafaneGuntramePhelpsNames Limitless
MerleLonaneXomptonFor Anchor
EngelrameRabaneHankeFor All Day
RoxkIgnacioRonneRaven Doctor
KorbalJoneshWernerFor Misfits
VascoOrnaarArdwinnFor Harp
Raven FirstFor InfiniteRaven AttractRaven Calculator
Names WorldwideRaven TeaseRaven DenNames Dreamboat
Names MysticalRaven EverydayRaven CourtRaven Link
For DeaconRaven SoulmateNames LivingRaven Steamy
Raven JuggernautFor VortexFor InsightRaven Attractor
For ZoomNames HotlapNames FaithfulRaven Rule
For LuciousNames PostFor OutlookRaven Squad
Names RealmRaven OrchardNames FlagNames Eden
Raven AutumnRaven GlitterNames ZenRaven Fire
Names DivideRaven PashaNames AssetNames Capacity
For AchieveFor HarvestFor InvincibleNames Consult
Raven HotNames TagsFor CupcakeFor Push
For AdvisorFor CosmoRaven ResortRaven Plum
Names ToneFor ResourceRaven CultureRaven Envy
Raven TrendNames ExhibitFor EvokeFor Cookie
Raven UnlimitedRaven TriadRaven FactoryFor Wildflower
For HoverNames DriveRaven TreeRaven Fodder
For SerenityNames CoolFor ToughFor Treasures

A Little More About Ravens

Do you know the Latin word for raven? Well if you don\’t then let me tell you that it\’s Vulpes corium.

Can you tell what\’s a baby raven called? They are known as chicks. Chick is basically using to describe most baby birds and ravens are no different.

They are usually found alone or in pairs but if you see them in a group, that\’s their family.

These Raven eat anything like mice, beetles, eggs, grasshoppers, grains as well as pet food.

White Raven Names

White Raven Names

Although most of the Ravens are black in color, there still exist white Ravens Name. They are called the white-necked ravens but they are mostly smaller than the black ravens name. They are natives of eastern and southern Africa.

They basically have leucism which causes the partial loss of color and because of that, they don\’t even have black eyes. Mostly they have blue eyes. White ravens are scavengers. They can also make noises like other wild animals to scare but they are said to do that to attract the wolf or other predators to open the carcass.

It\’s not very rare and if you have one then it\’s quite difficult to name it. But surely with a little help, it\’s a lot easier. So, here we have gathered some white raven names to inspire you. Have a look at it.

InkdottJhoraOrebbNames Superior
DarkoDavionRanfieldNames Figure
FredAdanWaldronRaven Cleric
GeraldRowenWaldhrammNames Bits
GussRayaRizzasFor Pro
ClarkGraeysonRangleyNames Dynamo
JamieChatneyDangstayeFor Mend
RogerRooKyrieNames Body
Names AmoreNames AxeNames AwakinRaven Elan
Raven AbleRaven GrindedFor FreightFor Fusion
Names PlanNames NationRaven YawlRaven Tantra
Names HearthstoneNames MoveFor CrunchFor Spur
Names DeepFor BeeFor TargetFor Propel
For CorpFor PlannedFor ComplexNames Stock
Names FitRaven PigmentRaven RehbarNames Elite
Raven TenorRaven JasmineNames LustFor Heroic
For TenderRaven RoundupRaven SuedeNames Clarion
Raven PowerFor IntelliNames ChallengeNames Heart
Raven ScintillantNames RentalsNames CrummyRaven Evolve
Raven KORaven TorahNames BlissNames Pocket
Raven QuickNames ImpulseNames ArcadiaNames Roaster
Raven DailyFor RefineNames BarterRaven Blank
For BeautyNames PlantsFor XeroFor Max
Names CutsRaven VirtueRaven WedgeNames Galaxy
For ThorNames ProductionNames EvolveFor Canopy

Where Are Ravens Found?

Do you know where you can see any raven? They are found in any habitat. But several places where they are mostly seen. Those are

BeachRaven TankRavennestRavenque
ForestRaven DogmaRaven WayfarerRavenya
MountainRaven TenderRaven AbilityRaven Bloom
DesertRaven CloudRaven BarterRaven Stunt
GrasslandRaven LuciousRaven InkRaven Motivate
TundraRaven LustRaven CosmicRaven Jazz
CityRaven HowRaven PranaRavenadora

Girls Name That Means Raven

Girls Name That Means Raven

The Ravens are fabulous and charming and fascinating birds with beautiful voices. It\’s pretty tough to think of any girl\’s ravens name that means raven. But there\’s an easy way out here.

For the ones looking for a name that means ravens name, we have gathered and enlisted some of the best names that are just beautiful and perfect. It\’s also creative and unique. You can choose anyone you like the best among these for your little one.

MerlaaBritneyeAlexisFor Intensity
MarletaaMacyDorotheaNames Ignite
RevannaEliseLindseyNames Liberty
SantanaMikaylaCarlottaNames Velocity
OtieTinafyFayeRaven Elite
EdirdEvaneSeendeeNames Outlook
ArtreuosLiyaaCharmaineNames Atomic
LolaSerahYevettueRaven Seek
For RelishFor GrandFor QuiteRaven Prairie
Names PlaymateFor Sweet PeaFor DogmaFor Apex
Raven GeniusRaven ImmerseRaven ExquisiteFor Friendly
Names JogFor CollectFor CenterNames Project
For PlaygroundFor ChopRaven ApexFor Ego
For FinesseNames QuintFor FrameFor Custom
Names HearthstoneFor ForgeRaven VividFor Syndicate
For ShoreRaven FuseNames UnitNames Worker
For ImpeccableFor UptownRaven WillowRaven Area
Names BucketNames ChompFor MuseRaven Hammer
Raven MuseRaven MuseRaven BrandFor Sunset
Raven CabalNames GraceNames LuxNames Sisterhood
Raven ChamberRaven DriveNames FrontlineFor Shack
Names UrbanRaven OasisRaven AutoRaven Emerald
For ReadyNames SmartNames AlpineNames Obsidian
Raven ThriveFor ObjectiveFor RiseRaven Boost
Names BargeRaven ThinkFor RangerNames Know

To wrap it:

We often want our pets to be different from others and ravens when they are trained and taught well, can be great pets to humans. They become very friendly and well behaved. So when it comes to naming a pet raven we often get confused because it\’s one of the smartest birds and the name should reflect that.

It\’s our responsibility to go creative and unique while choosing a ravens name for our pets. So, for the ones who came here searching for unique Raven names, we hope you find the best one.

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