Rampart: Apex Legends Spills Details On New Season 6 Character

Rampart is the fiery new legend to join the ranks of Characters available in Apex Legends. The abilities of this weapon girl take have already been announced that we will see this week in season 6.

Exciting new content is about to hit Apec Legends. EA and Respawn\’s battle royale offers a new season, number six, starting on August 18, with a few changes, improvements, and content to obtain.

Most important of all is Rampart, the new legend that lands in the battle royale of the Titanfall universe. Rampart is ready to destroy everything and defend its team at all costs. Their abilities have already been revealed, as you can see in the trailer.

Modified Magazine (Passive)

Higher magazine capacity/heat and faster recharges/recharges when using LMG and the minigun.


Ampex Coverage (Tactical) –

Build an Ampex wall that displays full coverage that blocks incoming shots and amplifies outgoing shots.

Minigun \”Sheila\” (Ultimate)

Place a mounted machine gun with high ammo capacity, but with a long reload time, that anyone can use.

Aside from this talkative and fiery girl, a new set of rewards will be available starting tomorrow in Apex Legends. The Season 6 Battle Pass will feature exclusive new content for players such as skins, music packs, loading screens, charms, new skydiving emotes, and Holo-sprays, with which you can waver your fallen rivals.

Apex Legends has an important calendar ahead. For starters, the game will arrive for free on Nintendo Switch and also on mobile devices. It has also been learned that Apex Legends and its cross-play on consoles will not pair these players with those on PC, says Respawn.