Raid boosting in WoW on Mythic difficulty

WoW mythic boost in World of Warcraft

Warcraft is a cult game from the famous company Blizzard Entertainment. It was she who brought her unprecedented fame and success in the gaming industry. The company did not stop, continued to develop and released World of Warctraft, which still pleases millions of players around the world today.

WoW that MMORPG genre belongs the online project for more than 18 years, he has been in the tops of popular games. Why is that? Doesn\’t the game get boring? It\’s simple – the approach of developers. The studio is constantly engaged in the development of the game in all possible directions:

  • Expands lore (history of the world);
  • Adds new factions (a new addon with a race of dragons will be released soon);
  • Working on a balance system;
  • Makes fixes and regular patches;
  • Improves and refines the gameplay.

Thanks to a large pool of activities and game modes, the world of Azeroth will never bore the player. One of the most popular options for spending time is dungeons of different difficulty levels.

Dungeon in Warcraft

Dungeons or short. A mode that is a sortie of a squad of heroes into catacombs, castles, dungeons or other dangerous locations.

It is the new dungeons that players are waiting for with new updates. Why is that? New dungeon – new trophies, achievements, bosses, lore and challenge. Yes, in WoW it is not enough to run and search everything. After the first passage of the dungeon, a new level of difficulty opens, and so on until Mythic+ carry dungeons or mythic plus.

The last difficulty levels are a real test for the player. Dungeons in and of themselves are not an easy task, because every little thing is important there:

  • Skill of playing a specific role in a squad;
  • Compliance of equipment with parameters and characteristics;
  • Knowledge of the map and loopholes;
  • Knowing the weaknesses of the boss;
  • Knowledge of moveset and attacks of bosses and enemies.

And when it comes to mythic + difficulty, even the dungeon itself isn\’t that easy to get into. This turns into a quest to find a passage, get a special key to it.

WoW mythic plus for are preparing updated boss movesets, adding new skills and attacks to them. But the efforts of the players pay off with new unique items.

Yes, not all players have the opportunity to sit in Azeroth, fighting in arenas, completing quests. Someone likes to just download a profession or fish, wander through the plot or trade at an auction.

For such situations, there is the possibility of Mythic boost order. It all depends on what the player needs: to knock out an achievement or get a unique mount from the dungeon. Or maybe there is a desire to go through a dungeon under the guidance of a dungeon mythic carry.

Features Dungeon mythic and mythic+

Differences between Mythic and classic dungeons are great:

  • Reward for clearing a high-level dungeon will be one of the best equipment. Only raid gear;
  • Such dungeons have levels. The higher the level, the more level comes from opponents, the more health /mana;
  • The level of the reward depends on the level of the dungeon higher the dungeon better the reward;
  • There is an option to use a modifier. It will not only change the behavior of AI opponents, but it can also change the mechanics of the battle.

In addition, WoW provides a function of rewards for completed dungeons was passed dungeon, the higher the weekly reward will be.

Yes, such tests are not for everyone. That is why many players do not hesitate to use boosting mythic dungeons. It\’s simple and convenient.

Boosting involves help from a professional player. He can either give his advice on passing, being in the same conference (Discord, Zoom, Teamspeak and so on), or he can take control of your character and complete the tasks.

Option boosting, where the booster plays in the same stack with the customer and helps him go through the dungeon. So you can not only earn rewards, go through the dungeon, but also look at the game of the pros: tactics, some tricks of passing, chips. Mix business with pleasure.