PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge All-Star To Feature Celebrities Around The World And You Can Watch It Live On 30th July

PUBG Mobile recently announced an all-new Global Extreme Challenge campaign and it will include many celebrities, players, stars, etc. from around the world. So what is the event about and who will be in it? Let’s find out!

The game is a multiplayer Battleground type game and was one of the top-grossing games last year. The game is played by millions all over the world and has seen a lot of success. The game is going to launch a new campaign this summer that will have many celebrities, players, stars, etc. The event will stream live on July 30 at various timings, Southeast Asian live stream will start from 5:30 pm IST to 7:30 pm IST, South Asian and Middle Eastern stream starting at 9:30 pm IST to 11:30 pm IST, North American and European stream from 11:30 pm IST to 1:30 pm IST, and South American stream from 5:30 am IST to 7:30 am IST. 


The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the COVID-19 and to encourage viewers to stay at home as much as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. The event will also allow you to vote for your favorite stars using the link:

Or you can vote for them using the #pubgmxchallenge* where * is the number assigned to the player you want to vote for.  

Who Will Be In The Event?

The event will include 32 players from all around the globe who will be in teams of two. Some of the stars and celebrities that will be there include: 

North America And European Union

Kevin De Bruyne one of Europe’s best-attacking football player, Aleyna Tilki from Turkey, winner of “Best Female Pop Singer” Award “Pantene Altın Kelebek Ödülleri 2018”, Jack Osbourne a reality TV star, and Ky Bowman who is the point guard for NBA’s Golden State Warriors each having a team along with a partner.

South America

Paulo Dybala an Argentine professional footballer, Levinho one of the best PUBG Mobile players around the world with more than 7m subscribers on YouTube, Yurem Rojas a well-known actress from Mexico, and  Marian Santos who is a model, TV host and singer from Mexico each having a team along with a partner.

Southeast Asia

Gading who is an Indonesian actor and TV presenter, Aurelie who is an Indonesian actress, singer and model, Hiền Hồ famous female singer who was the Runner-up in The Voice Vietnam 2017, and Jay Chanathip each having a team along with a partner

South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

MortaL one of the most popular PUBG mobile player in India with over 5.5m subscribers on YouTube, Scout another popular player from India who is also a professional player for the Esports team FNATIC, Saif Nabeel Iraqi singer and PUBG player, and Pikachu each having a own team along with a partner.

The event will be exciting and it will be fun to see who wins the games and who the fans vote for. We will let you know the results when they come out so Stay Tuned.