PS5 Will End 25 Years Of X & O Button Confusion

The PS5 hands-on experiences continue to deliver some fascinating stories, and one crucial piece of news coming from the sessions was the fact that PlayStation 5 will be globally unified to validate button mapping-and Japanese players will mostly be the ones who need to adapt to the decision.

Thanks to several Japanese outlets saying the console is quiet and cool thanks to its frame, PS5 size impressions have stolen the headlines somewhat, but there has been a slew of details from the demonstrations that fans have hungrily been waiting for.

The PS5 release date and price, which made headlines last month for coming in the same November window as Xbox Series X / S and matching the pricing of the regular console, which came to some analysts as a surprise, was one thing customers did not need to wait for.

Originally, reports indicated that the price of PS5 would be a large amount higher than Xbox, but by the time an official announcement was released, that never came to fruition, perhaps because Xbox first revealed its pricing plan. Other highlights from the build-up to next-gen releases included developments for PS5 controllers and the acquisition of Bethesda from Xbox.

When it comes to the overall PS5 controller layout and architecture, it may not seem like a big decision, but it\’s a notable one, especially for Japan, the area that will be most affected by this move. In Japan, when used as a symbol, \”O\” literally means \”right\”-which makes it the obvious choice for the DualSense confirm button.

That\’s about to change, however, and it remains to be seen exactly how slight or important this option would be for players who have been used to \”O\” representation on a PlayStation controller for years now.

The decision to build a PS5 button default for confirmation was always going to affect at least one more area, but the introduction of simplified button mapping is a wise one from Sony. It is helpful for both players and developers to create a default throughout all territories and ideally comes at a small expense to players who are more familiar with \”O\” as the PS5 controller button allocated to validate choices.



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