PS5 Might Have Special Boxes For Some Special Games

PS5 has been showing us little by little pieces of itself in recent weeks, such as through the design that the boxes of its games would look like.

At the time we had a first look for the anticipated Spider-Man: Miles Morales, although with NBA 2K21 we have now had a second look that makes us wonder one thing: will PS5 have special boxes for some games?

The difference between PS5 boxes seen

The box 1, \’Mamba Forever Edition\’ of NBA 2K21 for PS5 that shows a slightly different box than the Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

But, box 2, which we were able to find thanks to the insider Tidux as well as the Gamekult website, clearly has black borders, while the box 1 sports the traditional blue borders.


The only difference that could justify this change would be that the edition showed of NBA 2K21 is one of the most special that we have available when using the title, while that of Spider-Man: Miles Morales refers to the standard game.

However, logically we could not rule out that PlayStation had finally decided to change the base color of the boxes from blue to black, although given the disclosure of these in one of its main reasons for purchase, it is a less viable option. In any case, for the moment we will have to continue waiting for both the console and its games to finally be put on sale to finish clearing up doubts.

Regarding the latter, we will remember that except for surprise, the truth is that the opening of PS5 reserves should already be around the corner – at least in Spain -. In this article, you will find the reason to believe in it.

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