PS5 Custom Faceplate Retailer Cancels All Orders After Sony Permitted By Law Threat

CustomizeMyPlates will now provide custom skins instead of custom faceplates. Faceplate customization firm CustomizeMyPlates has been urged to stop all of its PS5 faceplate invoices after Sony reportedly threatened legal action opposite the firm. 

CustomizeMyPlate divulges its unauthenticated custom PS5 faceplates before few days. It had drawn the observation of many gamers who were keen on altering the impression of their PS5 consoles. The faceplates have since been eliminated from the firm’s website. 

Sony gradually caught wind of the unofficial hardware and have reportedly threatened legal steps opposite CustomizeMyPlates encouragement the firm to stop all faceplate orders as per the media report.


A CustomizaMyPlates described to media that before we launched we did our owing conscientiousness. They were of the belief that because Sony only had imminent patents on the faceplates there could be no problem. 

The rep involved that the issue first started after a day CustomizeMyPlates’ website went live with Sony’s lawyers interrogating the firm to change its name. It has PlayStation 5 due to trademark contravention. 

The following day, Sony’s advocates had informed the firm that its mental property prolonged to the faceplates. That if we continued to sell and calculate them in any country. We would end up in court. 

CustomizeMyPlates has since had to stop all orders worldwide. It refunds all invoices following Sony’s threat of legal action. At the times, the company is still up to running. The company has now shifted gears. Instead, be selling custom PS5 console. Skins vary from faceplates as they do not involve eliminating the real PS5 faceplates. In fact, it acts as a vinyl sheet that can be attached to the available Sony faceplates for modification. 

Sony’s PS5 consoles are ready to launch on 12th November in the U.S., Canada, and in the 19th U.K. and the other countries of the world.