Best Private Story Name Ideas For Snapchat

My sister, Elza, was looking for a theme-based Snapchat Private Story Name that would be unique and catchy, cool as well. So, she asked me to get some ideas regarding this. Then, we started researching the topic and after vast research, we liked a few story names such as Love is in the air, Enjoying the moment, I’d like to keep it that way, Life’s a snap, and That’s showbiz baby.

This section will provide you with new ideas for all themes associated with Snapchat\’s Private Story Name. We came up with a list of Snapchat private story names that are completely original and have never been used before.

We grouped the private story names 2022 into several categories based on the issues our audience was searching for on the internet when writing this article. The subjects we chose were discovered after extensive study, and we came up with some of the finest private story name ideas ever fantastic, catchy, cool, and the best of the best. These names are valuable since they are original and have not been used by anyone else before.

Here are a variety of private story names that you may read, check, and choose from to use for your Snapchat story, whether it is private or publicly visible:

The Best Snapchat Private Story Names Dark Humour

We\’ve compiled a list of the greatest new and original Snapchat dark humor private story names only for you if you enjoy the dark side of humor.

Love is in the airThe snack that smiles back ????She’s the kind of girl that makes everything funLiving the best lifeI don’t even need 13 reasons
Make a wishLast two braincellsWe’re all in this together, boysEach day is a battleMistakes were made
Enjoying the momentYour daily dose of meOut of your leagueOde to booksStar in the making

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Private Story Names Offensive

If you\’re one of the many Snapchat users that like to label their good private stories names with derogatory terms, we\’ve rounded together some of the best examples below.

What a dragSh!tholeFart Proudly!Forever Young:You can’t put a price on love… but you can on Minecraft
I’d like to keep it that wayI don’t give a f*ckOnly story worth watchingPretty In PinkThe possibilities are endless
What are you waiting for?She’s whoreableI am sorry, not sorryLet’s get seriousNo one can spell awesome like Minecraft!

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Good Private Story Names


We\’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest and good private story names for 2020 for your consideration:

Life’s a snapBadass by birthDream On!GoldilocksBeauty Queen
Fit and FabSecrets to be toldShut up and practiceNot too silly and not too seriousPassionate moods
Last nightSavage Sagas of Sophia (Replace with your name)Dunk it!Fun loving too!It’s getting hot out there

Funny Private Story Names

Almost everyone loves to have a good time, and we\’ve compiled a list of funny private story names for Snapchat for you to choose from:

That’s showbiz babyGirl talkCause I canLose fat, not friends!Let’s be simps together ????❤
Just here for the caffeineBad shawty\’s onlyAll in or all outChin up, Chest out – I’m doing this for me!Sweaty Simp
Hot mess expertIt’s personalActive alwaysThe right choice, the only choiceFriends with Benefits

Private Story Names For College

Check out the list below for some of the most creative and beautiful Private story names for college students.

When you’ve got all night, I’ve got all dayBooby trapReading FrenzyHow to get away with MurderNerdfree zone
LOL ???? ???? ❤All day, all nightHidden gemsJust wanna sleepWhy so serious?
Use my face as a dartboard ????Social butterflyPride and Prejudice, together at lastP.S for my BSSkull smashers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should I name my private story?

It\’s easy to create and share private stories on this platform with anybody on your friend list.
Your article can have as many or as few readers as you desire. For example, you might use the label of Snapchat\’s private story name ideas to describe a romantic or sentimental narrative that you\’re sharing.

If you or someone else has a special memory attached to one of them, it may be an emotional snapshot or a few precious moments in time. These stories may be shared with your friends, discussed, and then deleted at any moment.

Some of the private story names are:-

  • No Boys Allowed
  • Pinch of Sparkle
  • Mermaid To Be Friends Forever
  • Let\’s Taco boult It
  • Chester

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Q2. What is a good Snapchat group name?

It\’s not uncommon for people to use Snapchat regularly. You and your friends are always exchanging embarrassing selfies to keep each other updated on your Snapstreak and make sure they\’re aware of your antics. Find your ex in the supermarket or spill coffee on your new shirt? It\’s time to call it quits.

You\’ll need to send a Snapchat update to your closest friends for a good chuckle. For any team, group conversations are a need. You can remain up to date on everyone\’s life through them. Planning is essential.
Using innovative and amusing Snapchat group chat names is the answer. When you have a group, it\’s much easier to distribute your photographs to everyone in the crew.
Some good Snapchat group names are:-

  • Power Rangers
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Bae-Goals
  • Birds Of A Feather
  • Private Party

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Q3. Funny Snapchat Private Story Names

Choose a clever and funny name for your Private narrative so that your friends may refer to it as such while discussing your stories with them later on. Here is a list of some good Snapchat private story name suggestions to get you started.
Some of the Funny Snapchat Private Story Names:-

  • My face at 50 angles
  • People I tolerate…
  • Teens Inc.
  • Fudge yourself

Q4. How to Create Your Private Story Names?

You control who may see your Snapchat story when you create a private one. This means that the audience will not be able to see whatever you present in such a story. After 24 hours, Snapchat Stories are deleted. It\’s possible to remove stories that have been published for less than 24 hours.
Click on your bitmoji in the upper left corner of Snapchat to create a private story. Selecting Custom Story and then Private Story is the next step.

The next step is to invite your friends to view the private story.
Select the tick symbol in the bottom right corner when you are finished. Once you\’ve done this, go to the top of the screen and type in a name for your Snapchat story.
That\’s all there is to creating a Snapchat private story.


It might be difficult to develop a private story name that expresses who you are and the kind of story you prefer to share on Snapchat.
As a starting point, this list might help you brainstorm some good private story names of your own.

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