Preparing for League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile adaptation of the successful MOBA League of Legends. However, some differences make the mobile game much more beginner-friendly than the PC version. In this guide, we will tell differences between the two games and give tips that explicitly relate to League of Legends: Wild Rift Respectively.

How is LoL Wild Rift different from the PC version?

Since it is a game on the Smartphone, there must be changes in the controls. Accordingly, all controls are to be carried out by touch on the screen. Simplifying elements, such as the automatic attacking of opponents, help you to better follow the game even on the small screen. This is a supporting mechanism, especially for beginners.

If you click on the attack button, your character attacks the next enemy who is within your range. If you keep the attack button pressed, you can set a target that will be continuously attacked by you. However, you will only attack when the target is within range. With another click on the attack button, your character will automatically run to the enemy.

Your last hits still play an important role in LoL Wild Rift, but there are small changes here too. The last hit means the fatal blow that you give an opponent. With every last hit, there is more gold compared to the PC version. But it is already enough for an enemy to die near you to receive gold as well.

Last hits bring in League of Legends: Wild Rift about four times more gold than the death of an enemy who only died near you. Landing the last hit has also become easier. The enemy with the least health points is automatically targeted by your character. Just keep moving and pursuing your target as you keep attacking it.

The new way of handling gold ensures that matches are played faster and remain more balanced. While your opponents can gain a quick advantage in the PC version by dominating a lane, earning indirect gold in the mobile version ensures that they do not immediately leave you unattainable.

What are the differences between the items?

One of the biggest differences between League of Legends and LoL Wild Rift is in the items. There are no potions, nor are there “Doran\’s items” that you normally start within a round. There is only one item that you can actively use: your shoes. Clicking on it increases your movement speed for a short time.

Enchantment of the shoes leads to the fact that you receive a shield or become invulnerable, for example. Support items, i.e. supporting items such as jungle items and mythic items, are also not available in LoL Wild Rift. You will recognize many known objects, but they have adapted values ​​or other special features. Therefore, pay close attention to what you buy.

How to gain a high rank in League of Legends quickly?

If you want to gain a high rank in the league of legends wild rift the best way is to buy boosting services for LoL. League of legends wild rift boosting gives you the chance to learn from the professional players as well as reach a higher rank.

How do I get champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

From a total of 152 champions, there are only 47 to choose from in the mobile version. Gradually, however, more champions will be added. You can buy new champions with in-game currency or with real money. Some champions can be played for free during a certain period. You also get new characters with each new level.