Popular Card Games to Play Online in 2023

Card games have been around for centuries. The oldest of these has been known to originate in Buvaria all the way back in the 15th century. Fast forward to today, card games have evolved not just physically, but dynamically as well. People have come up with new ways to trample their opposition and that\’s where all the fun lies. Card games have become visually a lot more appealing, a lot more detailed, and have so many expansion packs that their combinations are virtually impossible to put a boundary around. 

There’s really no hiccup to consider when talking about online card games. The pros outnumber the cons. Lots more animation, beautiful artwork represented in stunning HD, and the ability to store all your cards virtually rather than heaps & piles, physically. All that is well and good unless you have an internet that won’t let you achieve optimal gameplay or load times. That’s when card games become infuriating.

The number one ingredient to making sure the cons are kept at bay is investing in a good Internet Service Provider (ISP). AT&T Internet stands as a bulwark against such cumbersome happenings by providing users with a robust, speedy, and trustworthy internet connection. Online games benefit heavily from this and you’d definitely save yourself a few wrinkles on your forehead by opting in. 

With that taken care of, let’s go ahead and check out the most popular online card games for the current year of 2023!

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

90s babies will remember the Pokémon franchise as a big representation of their childhood. Well, for most of them anyway. The Japanese TV show took youngsters by storm due to its unique creatures, battles, and the adventures of Ash Ketchum as he set out to “be the very best.” To cash in on the massive success that Pokémon was, developers soon pushed out a trading card game that consisted of physical cards with Pokémon and their respective move sets displayed on it.

The same card game got converted to a digital card game not long after when the producers realized there was a whole niche of gamers who preferred to play games online, and not with physical cards. Pokémon Trading Card Game Online or P-TCGO is a phenomenal card game peppered with stunning visual art, a galore of cards, and a mini battle pass system that keeps players hooked for hours on end.

Legends of Runeterra

Presenting itself as an extension of the game, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra is a visual treat for anyone familiar with LoL’s lore or game style. The game incorporates elements from all regions of Runeterra; this includes spells, characters, environments, mechanics, and politics to present a game that has a good amount of depth to it.

If you plan to play LoR, you’d better free out at least an hour of your time as matches are known to go on for long periods of time. The in-game mechanics are so heavily decked out that if both players truly know how to play; neither side will be backing out anytime soon. Plus, each player is given 20 points which may be refilled or knocked out completely. The first player to make the other’s point counter reach 0 wins.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Another trading card game developed by one of the OGs in the business. Yu-Gi-Oh! has achieved veteran status in the card games community because of how long it has been out and how rigid its fan base is. Duel Links has a small story mode that basically explains how players from all over the world have been gathered inside a virtual reality “Duel World” where they must compete to unlock prizes such as characters, skins, cards, and much more.

Ever since its release, the game has seen multiple expansions ramp up its gameplay and a wide variety of new & returning players putting their mettle to the test. Apart from unlocking duelists, players also get to unlock special monsters from the anime. Said monsters have special effects to them and even include visually stunning sequences when they are fused together.

Clash Royale

A mix of card, strategy, and RPG, Clash Royale is a fun time killer with the focus being PvP matches where the other has to destroy the enemy’s castle. To do this, players gain access to cards that are separated due to rarity with grey, green, purple, and gold representing their uniqueness. Duplicate cards can be merged together to level up specific characters and the game has recently introduced unique time-based battles where the person who has covered more ground before the clock hits zero, wins.


That’s a wrap on our selection of brilliant card games that’ll surely leave you awe-struck due to their features. Check them out on the Play Store or Apple Store and immerse yourself in games that are truly well done. The aforementioned games are regularly updated as well along with timed events to keep the excitement going. Start playing and rake in repute & rewards!


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