Planning To Write Your Book? Here Are 4 Tools That Can Help You

If there is one professional that will stay on forever, that would be writing. Every day, people consume and read the content. Whether it is an ad, something from the newspaper, a report, or a post, we can all agree that writing has only evolved and adapted with technological advancements. So, if you are planning to write your book, it is best to use some tools to keep up. That is why in this article, we have compiled our favorite writing and productivity tools that aid with your storytelling. 


Whenever you submit a transcript of your book to publishers via email, it is recommended that you submit in a PDF format. This way, the format, information, and other elements of your book will retain. Gogopdf’s tools can help you with anything related to PDF files. For starters, when you are ready to send your manuscript, you can use the Word to PDF tool to convert your file. If you already have multiple chapters ready but are in separate files, you can also PDF merge online using this website. Combining files will save you a lot of time without compromising the quality of your files. Another useful tool that you can use is the Compress PDF tool. If you are sending a whole manuscript, that would mean that the file could go over hundreds of pages. More pages mean a heavier file. Compressing your PDF files using this website can reduce the file size of the PDF by up to 70%. These are only some of the best tools of Gogopdf that you can use without paying a single dime. 


Sometimes in writing, you are going to need that extra little push to motivate you to keep going. Draft is an online word processor that is free of charge. If you are familiar with Google Docs, well Draft has similar functions and features. For example, you can also collaborate with other writers, see real-time changes, suggest edits, and comment on any part of the file. But what makes this website unique? Well, Draft aims to help writers to write more concisely and clearly, to become better with the craft. Aside from tracking your word count, which is a need when you need to hit a quota for the book you are writing, is that you can enable push notifications. Draft can send you daily emails reminding you to continue working with your book. With this website, you can beat procrastination! Some other features include analytics, character counter, compare your old work, and more Draft is also available as an extension for Google Chrome. 

Cliche Finder

Writing has been part of man’s culture for hundreds of years. And truth be told, there are times that you are going to have that deja vu whenever you read something as if you have already read it from somewhere else. Well, in this era, it is getting harder to come up with unique lines. This is where this tool comes in. To help you reduce and be aware of those cliche lines, you can use the Cliche Finder. Just like the previous tools mentioned in this list, this website is also free to use. To be fair, cliche lines are not always a bad thing. But if you are conscious of that aspect, then feel free to use this website. Aside from your manuscript, you can also use this for poems and other creative writings. This way, you can improve your writing and communicating skills. How does it work? Cliche Finder has an algorithm that helps the website determine the most overused words and phrases from the dictionary. When you paste your manuscript on their textbox, Cliche Finder will make a scan and counter check with its algorithm. 


If you are looking for a writing aid similar to Grammarly, then Hemingway is the top choice. It is an editing tool that helps writers polish their writing in terms of readability and tone. Unlike Grammarly, Hemingway makes suggestions to your prose for free. You can only unlock this feature on Grammarly when you pay for the premium account. It automatically highlights lengthy and complex sentences. Of course, when you are writing a book, you would not want to give your readers a hard time reading your story. Aside from complicated sentences, this website will also highlight passive words, weakening phrases, and dense sentences. This website will also show you the readability level and estimated read time for your text. 

Be a better writer today with these tools!

When writing a book, it is not enough that you can write. You have to work smart when it comes to other aspects of book writing to stay efficient and save energy. These are only some of our favorite writing and productivity tools that could be so of great help to you. All of these websites are free to use and beginner-friendly. Happy writing!