Planning To Have A Pet? | Different Cat Breeds To Choose From

When we talk about pets, the usual choices are cats and dogs. Some people are considering that it is better to get dogs than cats because they help you guard your house, are very loyal, and very playful. On the other hand, some people would love more to have cats because they are low maintenance compared to dogs. They can also play with you and are also very loyal. 

Setting aside all the arguments of which is better between cats and dogs (because otherwise this will take the whole day), let’s talk about felines!

Benefits Of Having A Cat As Pet

There are scientific explanations as to why it is good for us if we have pet cats (read more). One example is that having a cat is said to help you with your heart health. There was research conducted, and the result came out that people who own cats have a lesser chance of dying of a heart attack compared to those who do not have one at that time. Another significant study showed that cat owners had reduced reports of having back pain and headaches.

Other than that, having cats also is good for kids. A study conducted showed a result that kids who own kitties have a better quality of life than those who do not. When a child has a close relationship with your pet, they are more energized, more positive in life, and they get less likely to feel lonely. 

Moreover, cats are said to help with your mental health. They also help you deal with your stresses because they are sweet beings! You get unlimited cuddles from them, and they show their love to their humans!

Choices Of Cat Breeds

After discussing some of the benefits of having cats as pets, your next question is probably, \”what breed should I get?\” Here is a guide you may check. Following are the details you need to know about a certain cat breed (alphabetical order):

  1. American Curl

This breed got its name \’curl\’ because of its curly ears. Aside from its cute appearance, this breed is very energetic and playful who would love to interact with you most of the time. Another unique thing about this breed is that even when they grow up, they would still look like kittens- so cute!

  1. Bambino

This is a cat breed that has a physical feature that is unusual compared to other cat breeds. They have hairless bodies and short legs. However, if you think this is not cute, look deeper into its personality. Bambinos are very loving and social. Another sad thing about this is that this breed\’s overall health was not given so much study (Bambino is a mixed breed of Munchkin and Sphynx). 

  1. Cornish Rex

This breed is like a dog because they love playing fetch! Though this cat sometimes gets a little naughty, it is perfect for a family cat. Cornish Rex is also an attention seeker that he would do everything just to get your attention. However, you must be ready because, at times, when the attention they want cannot be given, it\’s mischief. They will use all their energy to run around the house and play all they want. 

  1. Dwelf

Like the Bambino, Dwelf also has short legs and a hairless body. They also have curly ears like the American Curl. Dwelf is very friendly and sociable and is very demanding when it comes to the affection that you give to them. Also, they are accustomed to your daily routine, and if something is out of the routine or when there are changes, they find it hard to adjust to it. 

  1. Japanese Bobtail

Like its name, the Japanese Bobtail has a bobbed tail! This is the opposite of Dwelf and Bambino as far as the legs are concerned since this cat has long, attractive legs. 

This breed is very clingy. They don\’t like being left alone for too long. They want to follow you around. This is also one smart cat. 

  1. Maine Coon

This breed is one of the most prominent cat breeds and is considered domesticated house cats. They have long hair and are bigger than other cats. Although they are giants, they are gentle. Maine Coon has a sweet personality, and they get shy at times. 

At first, they will not interact with you often, but when they get to know you, you will notice quirky behavior. Also, unlike other cats, they love playing with water!

  1. Munchkin

Munchkins are very intelligent and very independent. They have very short legs that are so adorable. An interesting fact about Munchkins is that you cannot pair them with another Munchkin because the embryo will die in the womb because of their physical build. This cat breed is also very playful and fast. 

  1. Ocicat

Ocicat has spots in their body, and they have very strong facial features. They are also intelligent felines and are loving and sweet too. They are perfect partners if you are up to some adventures because they are very energetic and loves doing activities with their person. 

  1. Savannah

Savannah is the largest breed of cats, and they have a lot of the characteristics of a wild cat. This is also a very energetic breed, so you have to let them play around as much as they want. Be careful with them because if they get bored, they can do any stuff, even putting scratches on your wall. 

These are just some of the many cat breeds (link: that you may choose from if you want to get a cat. Remember, before getting one, do a lot of research since this is one huge decision you have to make.