250+ Best Planet Name Ideas For You

What was the last movie you saw? Last week I watched a sci-fi movie about space colonization. There were characters in the movie who were colonizing several planets for their own profit.

The movie was good, but what attracted me the most was the planet names. There were some unique planet names. From then, I was thinking about unique planet names. Planet name ideas are very useful nowadays. Not for only movies, but also for sci-fi novels,

fictional podcasts, or even for short videos. You will need unique ideas if you are a creator. And if you want to create a video on fictional planets, you will need planet names.

I have thoroughly researched planet names. I have got some unique names like Styx, Hydra, Hades, Nyx, etc. If you found these names interesting, read this full article to know many other interesting names.

Check them out.

Planet Naming Rules 

Naming a fictional planet is not so easy. You can easily set up a name for a fantasy character or a forest. But to set a name for a planet, you have to keep certain rules in mind.

You have to look at the rules set by IAU or the International Astronomical Union. What are the rules?

The first rule is, you have to decide the type of the planet. Decide how the planet is. Is it inhabitable? If there are aliens? If yes, then how developed are they? How do they look? What are their goals?

If you have analyzed these questions, then there are certain rules to follow. Those are –

  • Do not name a planet after pet animals or an individual.
  • Do not use names similar to existing planets.
  • Do not use more than 14 letters or characters.
  • Try to use only one word.
  • The name should be easily pronounceable. 

Now let me go deeper in the topic and discuss every kind of planet and their names.

Major Planets

There is a very simple rule to name a major planet. Just name it after a Roman or Greek god. You can distort their names a little too to name a major planet. If you want some other mythological names, they will work fine too!

Mythological or mythical names go fine with planets. Below I have given some ideas for major planet names. Check the list out.


Dwarf Planets

If your imaginary planet is a dwarf planet, then there is a naming rule too. These planets can be named after demigods or demons. You can use any creature’s name from any mythology as well. 

If you want a good name for your dwarf planet, then go through any mythology and check which creature’s name you can use. Below I am giving you some ideas for dwarf planet names. You can use them too.

UdarvisTuliaHaumea50000 Quaoar
ZexadeKuriuq90377 Sedna225088 Gonggong
AmidesHion90482 OrcusSedna

Minor Planets

Do you know what a minor planet is? You can call a planet a minor planet that is yet not identified. Suppose, astronauts have discovered a planet, but they are yet to identify it. Then it can be called a minor planet.

Naming a minor planet has very simple rules. First see the month of discovery. Then check the number of discoveries in the month. Suppose, you discover a planet on 12th July. It is the 5th discovery in July. then you should assign NE to the planet.

But why NE? Because there is a rule. A month is divided into two parts. The first part starts from day 1 and ends on day 15. The second part starts from day 16 and ends on day 30. And each part of every month has a letter.

If you discover a planet in the first 15 days in January, then you have to assign the letter A. If you discover a planet in the last 15 days of January, you have to assign B. The second letter states the number of discoveries. If it is the first discovery of the month, then you should assign A. if it is the 2nd discovery, then B comes.

The last one is, the year of discovery. If you discover a a planet on 12th July, 2020, it will be called NE-2020. Simple rule!



Planets found outside our solar system are exoplanets. Exoplanets are named using a noun followed by a letter.

UterIvionKepler-186fHD 85512 b
LeniaBoxoraKepler-62fIota Draconis b
TaraLiliaDimidium18 Delphini b
VykeKeteraGliese 667 CcPlanet

Fantasy Planet Name Ideas

Fantasy planets can be named after anything interesting. But it should be a noun.

MerutaAroria IIEsomiaGnulmoturn
Crounus XIPuriliaOndionIzeon

Alien Planet Name Ideas


There are actually no rules to name an Alien planet. You can check the table below to get some ideas on Alien planet names.

GileaExdusXilivXore TE
GevoraEsoniaXovunidesEtion 4LT

Funny Planet Names

Want some funny planet names? Check the table below!

TolatunePuriliaBooster NamesSaturn Names
MaguaOndionVanguard PlCube Names
RiagantuOsmantuFission PlCluster Pl
LindiaGrizekNamivaLight Names

Water Planet Names


Here are some ideas for water planet names.


Ice Planet Name Ideas

These are some ice planet names.

BaiweiXorePilbindar PI3Roccia
OlorixThazurutaCyranaSario HO7
DrixeteraZiweiJokullIpzamar UB2

Sci-Fi Planet Name Ideas


I have some sci-fi planet name ideas too!

ThulnykeXovunidesIbreon XIIDavinda
TaterCrounusZexadeLonadus R2
ZingaruOsonedeaIroria 7XUchilles
Brolnaistea 2OARionDroutera 4IXXelarvis
NesippeMerthIgolla W8Druinov
KuriuqXochilia VSDrehiriAbout Pl
Gephahines XIketerCothorixAxen Pl

Planet-Inspired Names for Businesses

Want some planet-inspired names for your business? Here are some ideas!

Jupiter EnterprisesThe Pluto StoreCentric PlBench Pl
Venus TextilesThe Lunar LimitedCrown PlAura Pl
The JupitrexThe Venus TechnologiesBureau PlScout Names
The Satanic SoundsSunny BankBuys PlOverwatch Pl
Mars Media IndustryThe Solar Power HouseControl PlBevy Pl
Fanta omdes CubeFantasyiva PoeBlink PlAqua Pl
Plomatic RazorThe Living PlanetFlower PlDays Pl
Drift BestbiaNature’s Great EventsEarnings PlDoup Pl
Fantasy lanceLife on EarthDream PlDetails Pl
FantasyLife in Cold BloodDirectory PlEssence Pl

The Final Words

Now you know the rules for naming a planet. You have some naming ideas too! I hope this will help you in your goal! All the best!

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