50+ Pinterest Username Ideas

If you are someone who is always looking for new things and ideas to discover, then I bet you are a fan of Pinterest just like I am. I have been an avid user of Pinterest ever since it was first made available to people in India. It\’s almost like a go-to spot for me if I need recommendations on activities that I enjoy doing.
 While I do use Pinterest for inspiration, I had an idea the other day that made me wonder why I don\’t do the same thing utilizing this site. Being a content creator, I always have a handful of ideas when someone asks me something, and putting them on my own Pinterest account could help my ideas reach a large number of people. 
My friends supported this initiative too, so the next thing I know, I was looking for some Pinterest username ideas like Chic Flips, The Design Race, Phone Mosaic, etc. Therefore, you\’ll benefit greatly from the lists I produced of these lists if you\’re interested in joining Pinterest and searching for creative Pinterest usernames to spark your creativity. 

Cool Pinterest Usernames

Having a cool username increases many chances of your account getting more followers, as when they see a cool name, they naturally believe that the content would be good and something they’d really like! Hence, at first, I started to look out for some cool name that gave a breezy vibe.

As a result, at the outset, I began searching for a cool name that conveyed a breezy and carefree vibe. I found some really cool ones like Silly Pie, Pretty Pearls, Honey Butterfly etc. Here is a full list for all the cool people interested: 

Buzz GroupBeallsAventura
Well-CasedPosh PantherQueenbee
IronLion ShellCord GroupBloodyDesigns
Brain-waveNewtrendsCase Depth

Catchy Usernames For Pinterest

When I gave it some more thinking, I realized that none of the names were really catchy. It is essential that usernames be notable in order to get more followers. Something funny or cute would catch people’s attention more quickly than a cool name or a hashtag based on the latest trend going on twitter or Instagram could also work.

So, I thought of some ideas by pairing cool names with a little pun and sarcasm and made some really good names that would be hard to not look at! I compiled a list of all of them, you can also check out some catchy usernames for your account: 

Cuddle BearCrunchy CrunchLordana
Shiny EyesSilly SmilePosh Posee
Broken HeartRetabloHushWorks
jokers crownAlpha DesignHush Ring

Unique Pinterest Username Ideas

While all these names were absolutely perfect, I was just getting that inner feeling that these might be too common. All of my other social media account handles have either cool, funny, or cute names and this time, I needed a unique one! Well, Pinterest is most well-known for its emphasis on aesthetics, whether that be in terms of clothing, music, food, or an individual\’s way of living.

I love aesthetic ideas and sharing them with people and making them understand all about aesthetics is one of my favorite things to do! Hence, I also looked for some aesthetic usernames to be unique this one time and found great options like Poetic Lips, Excellent Essence, Sunflower Shine, and many more. Find out your unique username amongst this list containing all the unique Pinterest names:   

Dixie BloomBubblesDollspell
EmohawkCrappynessBling Hive
List HeistDiva BlissDude Hope
Mind DragonPure MenaceHick Fiddlestick

Amazing Pinterest Username Ideas

When I went to one of my friends, who is an author, for feedback on my decided name, he had some important insights! He said that In addition to attracting likes and followers, the name you choose for your Pinterest account ought to be uplifting and interesting for the people who will be seeing it. Your page\’s name could center on something related to food, athletics, leisure, or fashion.


Hence, he asked me to choose a particular niche and think of a name accordingly if I wanted it to turn out amazing. Also, when I decided on the theme of my page, I also attached a funny adjective to it to make this whole thing full of positivity! Here are some amazing usernames I searched: 

Lyk DemonTech PrincessOdd Soda
BreezyPie ThingEpic Blue
Shoot CuteKitty FestGreen Levi
Dream FestDiva ZPlug O’ Stien

Pinterest usernames for girls

While I, fortunately, decided on my name, my sister who is copying me also created a Pinterest account and wanted help in deciding a girlish username for her. Well, Pinterest has a mostly girl population as it contains ideas in fields usually women are interested in!

Hence I found some names that matched my sister\’s aesthetic, something simple and memorable, and resonated with some girly adjectives. She really liked Smile A Lot Lady, Sweet Sparkle, and Thank U Next amongst many others. Here is the complete list: 

girltheearlPsychotic Girl Bandssexy_x_model
MightyEyeliners Ripped JeansZelda
Giddy as a ChildAnonymoussexyxmodel
Sugar GigglesMad Womanhigh_pie


  1. What is a good Pinterest username?

Here are some good Pinterest usernames:

  • Expert Tailoring
  • Camera Works
  • Answering Co
  • Cradle Works
  • Luxury Boutique
  1. What is a unique username?

Here are some unique usernames for your Pinterest:

  • Hazzle Dazzle
  • Major Nonsense
  • Improvement
  • Innocent Heart
  • Deal Losser

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