There is no need to highlight the fact that Oxygen or O2 is one element that sustains life on the Earth as we know it. 

If you don\’t know, unhealthy diseased cells that suffer from ineffective metabolism lose their natural ability and become vulnerable to a virus attack. But Oxygen comes to the rescue here too when it kills the harmful bacteria and virus in our system without affecting the good bacteria that protect us. 

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But we do not understand the importance of this essential gas. Even though we know that life on Earth will be impossible without it, we are using every means to cut down the supply of oxygen to this planet. 


We are cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels which are increasing the carbon dioxide level on Earth. Under such circumstances, not only are we cutting the oxygen supplies we are also contaminating the existing oxygen levels as well. 

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So what to do? How to stop this process which can practically kill us all. Maybe campaigning can be a good option. But the campaigns cannot be about saving the environment it must be about the importance of Oxygen. That is the only way through which we can grab the attention of society.

So let\’s check out a few oxygen quotes which you can use.

Oxygen Slogans

  • You do not have any option other than loving Oxygen.
  • If you leave oxygen you are sure to die
  • Oxygen is God\’s ultimate gift to you.
  • Oxygen, you cannot live without it. Literally
  • Oxygen is made for you. You are made of Oxygen.
  • Oxygen gives the O in Oh My God!
  • Be an Oxygen lover.
  • Oxygen for all.

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  • Once you start living on Oxygen there is no going back.
  • Though it might be number eight in the periodic table it is number one for living.
  • It has no smell of color, but it\’s the source of life
  • Oxygen is not just gas. It is life.
  • Oxygen and life go side by side.
  • No oxygen means your sky will be starless forever
  • If you want to be reduced to nothing say no to Oxygen.
  • You cannot even light your fire without oxygen.
  • It\’s so good that you will be addicted to it for life.
  • Addiction to Oxygen should not be cured
  • A gas that is the source of life
  • Right to Oxygen is not luxury
  • The only thing that can ace NextGen is Oxygen.
  • Though Oxygen might be tasteless for your tongue it\’s the best food for your soul.
  • Your soul is surviving on Oxygen.
  • Oxygen is the best gift from Mother Nature. Just relax and breath.
  • The only gas that you can breathe without any concern.
  • You cannot live if you have to quit it.
  • You will need it when you breathe.
  •  Without oxygen in your system, you are sure to rot in hell.
  • Oxygen is the right of every living being.

Even though these quotes seem accurate many people will still continue to misuse Oxygen or worse take it for granted. Tasty tiki bar names

Not only are humans making their own lives miserable by destroying essential natural resources like Oxygen they are making it difficult for other animals too.

Thus it\’s important to remind people again and again that how important Oxygen is for the survival of people and all animal life. For this purpose, all of us need to come up with more interesting quotes about oxygen and wear them on t-shirts, hats, bags and such. Posters can also be created to draw the attention of the authorizes so that proper steps can be taken to preserve oxygen levels.

It\’s our responsibility, let\’s do it well.

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